Registration Deadline Approaches for Primary Election

republican-elephant-and-democratic-donkey-icons-party-symbolsIf you have ever had even a fleeting moment of worry for the future, you understand the importance of this election. Even this primary election counts. A candidate that loses the primary is virtually guaranteed a front row seat to watching somebody else take the oath of office. With ballots delivered to your door, and registration just a few clicks away, even the most apathetic among us can summon the wherewithal to cast their vote.

Even though it may seem like the main event is a long way away, the first important vote, Oregon’s primary election, will take place on Tuesday, May 17. Those intending to vote in the primary must register no later than Tuesday, April 26.

The process of registering, or switching your registration to a different party, is simple and can be done online in under five minutes. Alternatively, locals can visit the Benton County Elections Office in person to complete or change their party status.

The winners of the primary election will represent their parties as presidential candidates come November. In order to vote for the candidate of your choice, you’ll need to make sure you are registered to the appropriate party. Oregon holds partisan primaries, meaning voters must be registered as the same party of the candidate they intend to vote for—Democrats vote for a Democrat, Republicans for a Republican, and Independents for an Independent. Non-affiliated voters may also opt-in to the Independent primary while maintaining their non-affiliated status.

To register online, visit

By Kyle Bunnell