President.. Trump.

donald-trump-1As the results of the presidential election rolled in, I looked to my friends. There was something mirrored in their eyes I have never seen or felt before – a unified, triggered alarm. We hung our heads, retched our reactions on Facebook, and braced ourselves for what’s to come, realizing the time for prevention had passed.The joke had reached it’s punchline, and we were left to process, each in our own stages of grief and disbelief, while the rest of the world gaped.

Some of us feel inclined to raise our fists – others to flee. Some stand still, shell shocked. As an editor and reporter for the Corvallis Advocate, our weekly alternative news source – and as conscientious human being – I am obliged to open the floor and offer continued support and advocacy to an all-inclusive demographic and local community that is culturally, socially, sexually, politically and generationally diverse.

In my opinion, the new putrid face of our nation can only be taken at face value. Our diverse populations and complex characters cannot be defined by one man’s words and actions, or by those that stand behind him. I refuse to let any ill-ridden mentality determine my worth.

Let’s shift the attention from that mindless, inconsistent mound of flesh, and focus inward – do whatever it takes to find strength, solace, and support, then mobilize – plot and prepare for what’s to come. With a sense of dread, or fear of regression, comes action and solidarity. Let’s be proactive, instead of reactive.

On behalf of the Advocate staff, we are here, offering mobility and support. Please remember there’s still beauty in the world. And forget that fool.