PostSecret Comes to Corvallis

PostSecret2Everyone has secrets, but not everyone is willing to share them. This reluctance is one reason Frank Warren struck genius in creating PostSecret, by granting anonymity to people compelled to share. If you haven’t heard of Warren and his endless depository of secrets, now’s your chance to see him speak at LaSells Stewart Center on Tuesday, May 10.

Warren started PostSecret as a community art project, asking total strangers to write their secrets on homemade postcards and mail them to his home. To date, Warren has received over one million secrets, and a selection of postcards are posted weekly on his website. Warren has also curated a bulk of secrets into six New York Times best-selling books. He now travels the world sharing these secrets and raising awareness about mental health.

Active Minds, a national organization dedicated to raising awareness of mental health, is encouraging Oregon State students and the community of Corvallis to write and submit their secrets with postcards provided at pick-up and drop-off sites around campus. These sites include Room 110 at the Student Experience Center, the Valley Library, CAPS, MU JAVA, and the E-café. During the show, audience members will have a chance to share their secrets and Warren will feature some secrets banned from his books—maybe even a few of his own.

Frank Warren speaks Tuesday, May 10 at the LaSells Stewart Center starting at
6 p.m. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. A book-signing session will follow. Warren’s books will be available for purchase by either cash or check. This event is free and open to the public. For more information, visit or search for “PostSecret Live, Frank Warren at OSU” on Facebook. Visit Warren’s website at

By Kara Beu