Post-Finals Gaming

gamerDo you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? Do you want to top the charts? Hold the records? Have you traveled across the lands, searching far and wide for that worthy contender?

Good, because on Saturday, March 19 and Sunday, March 20 your journey will be over if you show up for the Oregon State University Gaming Club’s Sackett LAN event right after finals. The club is hosting a friendly tabletop and video game chill session where one can forget the books and focus on destroying the competition.

I know what some of you are thinking, but gaming is more lucrative than you might think. Some gamers make millions pwning noobs. Currently eSports (electronic sports) are on the rise across the globe. As of 2015, the top five eSports gaming organizations were worth between $24,500,000 and $42,500,000 with the West Coast’s own Evil Geniuses (EG) scoring in at $27,315,498. In fact, EG’s star player, Clinton “Fear” Loomis hails from Medford, Oregon. Just last year, team EG won $6.6 million at the International Dota 2 Championships in Seattle after defeating the Chinese CDEC team.

So as you can see, games are a very serious business. If you are a serious businessperson looking to do business with other businessy people, then you should join the OSU Gaming Club for its post-finals gaming weekend.

Fast travel to the intersection at 30th and Jefferson, use the minimap to get to the south-facing fire door, pass a charisma test at the entrance and you’re in.

By Anthony Vitale