Pedal Corvallis: Cheap, Easy, Bike-Sharing Transit

bicyclistHave you ever wanted to join the droves of cyclists taking over Corvallis, but never had the wheels to do so? Well, your luck has changed, since our city is about to join the other 130 US towns that have teamed up with Zagster to provide the bike-sharing program Pedal Corvallis. Pedal Corvallis allows people to essentially check out bikes from the convenience of their smartphones, then return them when they’re done.

According to their website, bike share programs do more than provide transportation. The app endorses physical activity, with participants effectively burning 60% more calories than on an average walk. Not only that, but Boston’s bike share program offsets nearly 150 tons of carbon waste a year by discouraging cars and transit.

So, are you ready to get fit and environmentally friendly? Here’s what you have to do: Head over to Zagster’s website and register for an account on their homepage. Choose what bike you’d like for the day, which Zagster will send a special code for to your phone, then use the code to unlock your bike from one of six convenient locations around town, including the Downtown Transit Center and the Oregon State Credit Union. Then when you’re done, lock it back up. Simple as that.

The cost of the program is minimal, with rides under two hours being free, a three-day pass set at $5, and annual passes costing only $25.

A Pedal Corvallis ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held at the Downtown Transit Center on Thursday, June 30 at 2 p.m. The ceremony is free and open to the public. The event is followed by remarks from Mayor Biff Traber and a community ride around Central Park.

By Maxine Agather

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