OSU Women’s Computational Thinking Dinner and Seminar Series

Women'sComputationalThinkingOn May 2, the first of five Women’s Computational Thinking dinners will be held at Oregon State University. Planned as a series of seminars, these events are open to all high school and undergraduate women who are interested in learning more about computer science and the way it can be used in daily life.

Over the course of five weeks, each dinner event will feature undergraduate mentors from the computer science program who will help run interactive activities aimed at teaching core computational concepts. Organized into small groups, everyone attending will have a chance to be involved.

Hoping to spark more female interest in computational fields, these events promise to be both educational and fun. Women who attend the seminars will learn the fundamentals of problem-solving and computation, as well as how those can be applied to everyday life. Participants will also learn the principles behind computer science (not to be confused with programming), which can be used in many different fields.

The entire series is part of a research study being led by Oregon State University computer science faculty member Dr. Jennifer Parham-Mocello.

The event dinners are being held on May 2, May 8 (Mother’s Day—bring your mom), May 16, May 23, and May 31 at 5:30 p.m. at the Memorial Union Horizon Room. To register, visit http://goo.gl/KBBfUf. For more information, contact Dr. Jennifer Parham-Mocello at parhammj@eecs.orst.edu.

By Kara Beu

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