Oregonian Transportation: We’re a Little Slow

2009_smart_fortwo_angularfrontLike most places, Oregonians buy a lot of Ram trucks and F-150s, but according to a study by Popular Mechanics, we also buy 432% more Smart Fortwos than the national average. We also like subcompacts; we buy the Mercedes B-Class and Chevrolet Spark at over three times the national average.

But then, power is not high on the average Oregonian’s wish list. A 2015 study from Progressive Insurance has Oregon tied as the fourth slowest driving state, alongside New York, Montana, and Connecticut.

And, We Bike
The League of American Bicyclists ranked Oregon the sixth best state for bicyclists in 2015, down from fifth in 2014. Neighboring Washington state scored numero uno both years. A study from BikeGuard ranks Oregon second only to the DC area for percent of commuters choosing to bike instead of drive.

We also house more llamas than any other state in the nation—a whopping 25 percent of them—so take that, Washington and District of Columbia. And no, that has nothing to do with transportation, unless we take our Portland-earned hipsterism to the next level and harness those domesticated beauts.

By Rob Goffins