Oregon Originals: Our State’s Most Noteworthy Staples

Oregon-CoastMultnomah Falls At 620 feet tall, Multnomah Falls is the tallest waterfall in the state of Oregon. This popular and beautiful waterfall, located in the equally beautiful Columbia River Gorge, is visited by close to 2 million people each year.

Oregon Coast – With 363 miles of shoreline, most of which allows public access, the Oregon Coast is often referred to as “The People’s Coast.” That’s right. You can park the car somewhere near the shoreline, littered with state parks, and enjoy a day at the beach for little to no money. Those views of the mighty Pacific sure are purdy.

Nudity – With the World Naked Bike Ride and plenty of strip clubs in Portland, plus nude-friendly hot springs located across the state, it seems like Oregonians will use just about any excuse as an opportunity to bust out the birthday suit.

Crater Lake – This gorgeous blue body of water is 1,943 feet deep. That makes Crater Lake the deepest lake in the United States.

Hells Canyon – According to Travel Oregon, Hells Canyon is the deepest river-carved gorge in North America, reaching 7,913 feet. That’s deeper than the Grand Canyon. Woah.

Ancient Forests – From the 1,000-year-old cedar groves in the Opal Creek Wilderness to the old-growth forest made up of towering Sitka spruces, Oregon has wood aplenty. Our state’s beautiful forest lands are luckily being protected these days much more than in the past.

Craft Beer – There are almost 200 brewing companies in Oregon, according to oregoncraftbeer.org. More than 40 of those beer-producing companies are located in the Willamette Valley (score!). It’s no lie that the proud inhabitants of the Beaver State enjoy funky, hoppy, malty libations.

Rain… with a Side of Rain – This year has been pretty soggy so far, but most of us don’t mind. We have our rain slickers and umbrellas with us at all times. Or we don’t mind getting caught in the rain. Most recently, a rainfall record of 25.27 inches for December through February was set at the Portland International Airport, according to the National Weather Service.

Beavers – We can’t make a list of all things Oregon without including this toothy rodent. There are beavers aplenty at OSU and throughout Corvallis. The majestic beaver is even prominently featured on one side of the state flag.

Volcanoes – Mount Hood, Lave Butte, Three Fingered Jack—these are just a few of the many volcanoes in Oregon. We love lava just as much as we love beavers and rain. Bonus factoid: Portland is the only major city in the U.S. to have a dormant volcano; Mt. Tabor even has a city park area.

By Abbie Tumbleson