Oregon Country Fair and Folk

Oregon Country FairEach summer, Oregonians and out-of-staters flock to the famed Oregon Country Fair to get their weird on. Having occurred just this past weekend, the annual three-day festival has now finished its 47th year, creating an atmosphere meant to “nourish the spirit, explore living artfully and authentically on earth, and transform culture in magical, joyous, and healthy ways.”

Costumes, circus acts, and whimsical decor abound within the grounds, helping to create an other-worldly environment. Performers ranging from stilt-walkers to musicians of all genres entertain for three days, while various surrounding campsites offer partial to full nudity-friendly oddities like drum circles, fire performances, and light shows.

Entertainment for this past weekend included showliners Everyone Orchestra, Dumpstafunk, Afrolicious, Marchfourth!, and the Shook Twins. Free craft sites offered basket-weaving tutorials and wands for decorating, while flow art and sanctuary stations paved the way. There were all kinds of worldly cuisine and exquisite handmade crafts—a sense of community hung in the air.

For more information about this excitingly weird festival, visit http://www.oregoncountryfair.org./

By Kyra Blank