New Murals Unveiled for September Arts Walk

corvallismuralprojectJust behind the downtown American Dream Pizza last week, two local artists performed an alleyway facelift, painting two murals, both part of the Downtown Corvallis Mural Project started by Jennifer Moreland.

Some will know Moreland as a board member at the Corvallis Downtown Business Association. The canvas, or in this case a wall, was provided by building owner Hugh White. Apparently, all Moreland had to do was ask. White is enthusiastic about the project.

The first mural is a set of wings inspired by a red-tailed hawk painted by Alice Marshall. Marshall received her BFA in Studio Art with emphasis on drawing and printmaking from Oregon State University. She now lives in Portland.

The second mural, just feet away from the first, is a personified mountain person holding a sun painted by Sage Zahorodni. Zahorodni is a senior at Oregon State studying agriculture and sustainability.

Moreland pursued this project because, “Street art is accessible to anyone. It’s not hidden away in a museum or gallery.” Though there are currently only two murals, Moreland dreams of filling the walls of Corvallis with even more murals from local artists.

For more information about the artists and murals, how to donate, or if you are an artist who would like to paint a mural, contact Jennifer Moreland at or visit Facebook by searching “Downtown Corvallis Mural Project.” For more information about Alice Marshall, visit her Instagram by searching the handlebar “@_alice_jane_. For more information about Sage Zahorodni, search “Damp Earth Artworks” on Facebook.

By Kara Beu