Multiracial Panel Discussion May 20

multicultral gatheringOn Friday, May 20 from noon to 1:30 p.m., a panel of multiracial students, faculty, and staff will share perspectives on how they identify themselves and considerations for working with multiracial populations. Scheduled to take place in Room 354 of OSU’s Student Experience Center, the discussion will include time for questions and answers from the audience.

Stephanie Shippen, PsyD, will be moderating the panel, which will be made up of students and faculty who all identify as multiracial. The panel is intended to be a “brown bag lunch” event, but beverages and desserts will also be provided.

In this context, “multiracial” includes not only ancestry but also ethnicity and religion. The Integrated Learning for Social Change office of the Diversity and Cultural Engagement department at Oregon State University is hosting this event.

By John M. Burt