Mid-Valley Health Care for All!

healthcare-colorGiven the current political climate, it is only natural to feel uneasy about the future of the Affordable Care Act. This famous act, the one that provides health insurance to millions of Americans, many of whom formerly went without, seems to be in jeopardy. Fortunately, the Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates, or MVHCA, has a plan to solidify comprehensive health care reform at the state level.

MVHCA is a grassroots group of forward-thinking Oregonians established in the early 90s to educate and advocate for affordable health care for all. Since then MVHCA has dedicated itself to the goal of establishing “an affordable, comprehensive, publicly funded, high-quality, universal health care system available to all Oregonians,” as stated on their Facebook page.

If you are interested in supporting the goal of universal statewide healthcare, the easiest thing to do is attend one of the monthly meetings. You can also sign up online and host a Front Room Gathering. During such a gathering, you open up your living room to friends and neighbors to have a discussion regarding healthcare reform with the aid of a MVHCA volunteer. These types of small meetings are perfect for building a sense of community and also informing the public about the options available for providing healthcare.

The group meets on the fourth Monday of each month to discuss current issues and keep members up to date on what’s been done toward achieving their goal. These meetings are open to the public—all are encouraged to come and learn what is achievable in terms of healthcare for our state.

Want to help out, but don’t want to host a meeting in your home? Check out their website, www.mvhca.org, and donate to the cause. The next public information meeting is Monday, Nov. 21.

By Kyle Bunnell