Linn-Benton Backwash: If You Can’t Fix Stupid, Cuff It Edition

linnbentonbackwash1A Benton County deputy arrested and subsequently charged one Monty Reid with DUII. Reid was also found to be in possession of methamphetamine. How was he caught? Ah yes, driving recklessly down Highway 99 in an 80,000-pound semi truck. Thankfully our sheriff’s office caught this moron before he killed somebody.

Every year one can spot a bunch of police department employees, cops, and family members jumping into 40-degree water at the Crystal Lake boat ramp to raise money for Special Olympics Oregon. Albany broke the record with a 22-human turnout, helping the Corvallis teams earn over $35,000. With five of these events happening statewide each year, that’s a lot of moolah for the cause. One can’t help but wonder, though… if perhaps a bake sale would be in order? Unlike a bake sale, this event requires rescue divers in the water as well as fire department boats on patrol in case any of the polar plungers go belly up.

On Wednesday, Feb. 11, a Salem man was arrested in Linn County due to warrants for charges relating to the unlawful possession and purchase of a firearm. It is reported that several members of the Bundy family will be occupying cells in federal prison in protest, but they were unavailable for comment because it was their scheduled hour in the yard.

Lebanon Police Sergeant Jeremy Weber saved a family of five on Feb. 7 when he spotted a “glow” and some smoke coming from a car port in the Foxfield Mobile Home Park. He ran up to the building and pounded on the door, rousing the family before their smoke alarms had even gone off. He could have totally yelled “Boo-ya!” when he got them all out safely, but didn’t. Someone give this man an epic high five, seriously. He could have easily just been parked off somewhere eating donuts., as they say. Where’s a cop when you need one? In this case, he was right there.

The Lebanon Log: Feb. 9 was a noisy one as a man, who obviously should own a gun, shot a hole through his window while cleaning it. On Feb. 10 two particular individuals (raise your hand if you get that reference) were issued a no trespass order from Lebanon High School because, both totally not students, they were just hanging out vaping. Seven minutes later juveniles were reported for throwing rocks at the Senior Center.

By Johnny Beaver