Linn-Benton Backwash

linnbentonbackwash1Former Oregon State University student Tyler Lazell Warren was convicted of first degree rape, sexual assault, and burglary last week. The jury deliberated for a bit over five hours, and the judgment came down largely based on the victim having been determined incapacitated. Two of the charges can get a person up to 20 years in prison, but we’ll have to wait for sentencing. All I really have to say about this is to express my utter disgust at the Gazette-Times commenter that said this:

“While no one deserves to be raped, I would highly recommend all males who are thinking about having sex with any female on a college campus should carry a sobriety kit, blank form to be signed by both consensual parties before a notary of the public (probably should have one on duty 24/7 on campuses), and at least two (sober) unattached witnesses. Two more victims of the very sick and twisted ‘new’ better society.”

On a lighter note, a Lebanon man by the name of Britain James Sylvester Spikes (In no way am I joking. Look at my name. Would I joke?) was busted last week by the Linn County Sheriff’s Office for downloading and electronically distributing child porn. This time taking a look at the Democrat-Herald for some commentary, one individual decided to leave a whale of a “scientific” defense of child porn from none other than, an organization that hides pedophilia behind international and domestic declarations of rights—and an organization that either ignores or denies the trauma incurred by victims.

On an actual lighter note, because frankly I’m sure we’ve all had enough of the above, one Mike Merzenich, a graduate of Lebanon High School back in 1960, is headed to Norway to collect an international award for neuroscience: the Kavli Prize. The professor emeritus at UC San Francisco will, amongst a dozen other accolades, collect a $1 million prize that will be shared with two colleagues. His work involves mapping the mechanisms that allow brain functions to be remodeled via neural activity. I have been assured by our staff neuroscience experts that this is really freakin’ cool.

By Johnny Beaver