Linn-Benton Backwash

linnbentonbackwash1This morning I was treated to an advertisement on a local website for an event called Older Americans Day. There is to be a wellness walk, a healthy breakfast (also known as a gross breakfast), and all sorts of other fun stuff. I think this idea is great, as our elders are often relegated to this place in our mind where they only exist as “old,” rather than human beings who have lived long lives, helping to shape the culture we enjoy. With about 1,000 puppy and kitty events a year, I applaud the hell out of something like this. Something meaningful. Thank you, Mennonite Village.

Wait a second… Aren’t they a continuing care retirement community? ::Looks closer:: They’re also offering tours of the facility as part of the event? Ohhhhh… I get what’s going on here. Well played, folks! Well played, indeed.

Benton County Commissioner candidate Paul Cauthorn is creating quite a bit of buzz with a retro graffiti mural having been commissioned on the side of a Highway 20 building. What would have created more buzz, perhaps, would be if he had chosen Benton County artists to create it instead of a few from Portland. Maybe there aren’t any around here… I mean, I can think of seven, not counting anyone in the OSU Art Department… but I’ve been known to imagine things.

As many of you know, this is the end of Spring Term finals week, which means a lot of graduating seniors from OSU will be packing up and moving back home, or on towards greener pastures. There are new waves of students entering and exiting town all the time, and it seems appropriate to step back and appreciate what they bring to our community, financially and culturally. Corvallis is as much that transient population as it is born-and-breds.

The Lebanon Log: According to “Backwash” notes and data collection from the National Institutional Repository of Scientifics, Lebanon media is approaching critical mass (and other science phrases) with “people profiles” that give them an excuse to discuss the medical school. It is estimated that at the current rate, 11 in every 10 articles on Earth will contain information about the Lebanon medical school by 2019.

By Tom Baker