Linn Benton Backwash

linnbentonbackwash1Though this column fingers the holes in the sweater of our local culture as a baseline, I wanted to start by breaking the fourth wall for a minute on unauthorized behalf of the family and friends of the man who was recently killed on 9th Street here in Corvallis. In the roughly 160,000 years that Homo sapiens has been around, we have yet to find the right words for something like this. The location of the shooting is quite literally in my backyard, and while many communities around the world experience gun violence as part of daily life, Corvallis does not. This is going to have an impact, and as much as the social hierarchy of this town makes me want to barf at times, we’re a largely caring and resilient group of lunatics. I can see or at least hope for something positive coming of the shockwave.

What isn’t positive (what a segue!) is my trip to the Gazette-Times in search of a movie review, where I only found a syndicated one from none other than Richard Roeper. Good lord, people, none of you can go see a movie? Get Patrick Fancher on that sh*t, he’s the man.

For some good news, Linn County has been designated a “High Intensity Drug” something or other by the federal government, meaning that they’re going to get a bunch of funding to help Rover the Crime Hound explode drug dealers. It’s about damn time—and that isn’t far from what Linn County Sheriff Bruce Riley said about it. While drugs and crime are often economic and cultural issues, I see one or two “high five” drug deals a day from the window of the building where I work near downtown Albany. Next thing I know, one of those crackheads comes into the store trying to sell food stamps. I’m no narc, but something’s got to give. Kids in Albany, Lebanon, etc. suffer because of this stuff.

The Lebanon Log will return next week, as I’ve filled my word count and my publisher beats me when I go over.

 (“True”  – Publisher)

By Johnny Beaver