Let Your Pets Rest in Peace

pet-euthanisaIt’s hard to deal with the reality that your animal companions will not live as long as you do, that you will have to see more than one of them through their old age and ultimately to their death. If you have young children in the family, it can be even harder for them.

The prospect of taking your pet to a veterinary clinic to be euthanized can be so unpleasant that you wind up putting it off, forcing your pet to suffer. In Corvallis, there is another option: having a trained professional come to your home to administer the shot. It may be easier on your family, and especially on your pet, for this to take place in a familiar environment, with familiar faces around. The only stranger, the technician, will be someone who has done the same for many other pets, and who will know how to put your animal at ease.

There are several services providing at-home euthanasia in Corvallis. Oregon Mobile Veterinary Service and House Call Pet Service specialize in home visits, while some local vets will send qualified personnel to your home.

All local vets use the same preparation: a large dose of barbiturate pentobarbital, which causes relaxation, then sleep before their final moments. Some give a separate sedative, while others go straight to the pentobarbital. Some give medication via an IV line, while others give it through direct injection with a syringe. It is the gentlest form of death yet devised, a good deal more humane than the death by lethal injection used in many states for killing humans.

There is no problem with having an elderly pet put down because death is near, or because illness has reduced their quality of life. Most services reserve the right to refuse to kill a healthy animal, though, or one whose illness can be treated. Many vets consider “convenience” euthanasia unethical, and will refuse to do it.

For more information on local at-home euthanasia provided by Oregon Mobile Veterinary Service and House Call Pet Service, visit www.oregonmobilevet.com and www.housecallpetservice.com, respectively.

By John M. Burt