Know Your Rights, Man

lawyerThe Reynolds Law Firm is hosting Legal Observer and Know Your Rights Training on Friday, Jan. 6 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Corvallis Odd Fellows Hall events facility. Training will be conducted by instructors from the Civil Liberties Defense Center (CLDC). Tickets are free, but online registration is encouraged.

Attending individuals will learn how to understand and mobilize their rights when interacting with law enforcement, and will also learn how to be a legal observer—a responsibility beyond your typical activist activities. Legal observers are not involved in activist demonstrations, but stay close enough to accurately observe and record any law enforcement funny business.

According to the CLDC website, “Legal observers are most often law students, lawyers, or other members of the legal community because these individuals are usually familiar with the laws and can note any violations in legal terms.”

However, this training exists so that anyone can learn the basics and effectively monitor our friendly keepers of the peace. The CLDC maintains that even the presence of identifiable legal observers can dissuade rights violations.

Check out the free training and get to know your rights. Also, there is a special bonus for those who are dedicated liberty defenders—an extra half-hour training afterward is available for those interested in becoming a trainer for future Know Your Rights events.

Check out the “Legal Observer and Know Your Rights Training” Facebook page and let ‘em know you are coming—don’t forget it’s free.

By Anthony Vitale

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