Kitty Meow Meow… It’s the Cat’s Meow?

kittymeowmeowOnce upon a time there was a kitty named Henrietta who loved to talk. Indeed she loved talking so much that every time she meowed, she meowed not once, but twice. As it turns out, Henrietta lives here in Corvallis with her cat-mom Heidi Sterling, owner of Kitty Meow Meow in-home pet sitting. Although Sterling and her employees do most of the work, Henrietta is credited with naming the business.

Kitty Meow Meow (KMM) began over 12 years ago shortly after the liquidation of a video store Sterling had operated for two years. Feeling lost and a little uncertain what to do next, Sterling thought to herself, “I love animals and have always wanted to work with them. How can I combine that love with a business?”

Sterling and her three employees boast over 30 years of combined professional animal care experience. However, beyond professional experience, it is often the sheer love and respect clients appreciate most about hiring KMM. Sterling explained, “They like the deep bonds that I and my helpers form with their pets, the diligent care we give to their animals, [and] our attention to detail.”

From grooming and dental cleaning to boarding caged animals, Kitty Meow Meow has experience meeting the needs of many different types of pets. Their most popular service is the vacation sit, which includes feeding, potty duty, exercise time, and “lots of cuddle time, of course.” Beyond this, KMM offers 10-minute check-ins, basic and deluxe dog walks, vet and grooming taxiing, hotel visits for traveling buddies, and outings to the dog park.

It’s that loving dedication that keeps people coming back for more. “It’s a truly special relationship that forms between the client, the pet sitter, and the pets,” explained Sterling. Many a KMM client has become hooked after just one visit. While Sterling didn’t have a percentage off the top of her head, she attests that many clients end up staying with her for years. When last she checked, there were over 350 folks in her client database.

“They like that we’re insured and bonded, and that we have knowledge about important facets of pet care, such as identifying health issues, administering medications, [and] coping with behavioral issues,” explained Sterling. Another fan favorite, KMM sends cute pet pics during their visits, “and I’m sure they appreciate that we have a healthy touch of OCD when it comes to leaving their house and pet areas just as we found them, or better.”

Sterling reminds us that animals are complex emotional beings just like you and me. She points out that without love, interaction, stimulation, and exercise, animals often become depressed and more susceptible to illness. While we bring animals into our homes and lives to experience their love and companionship, to Sterling, “it makes sense that we should give them back all of that in return.”

“This is how I have always seen animals and felt them in my heart. This is why I dedicate my life to serving them and loving them,” said Sterling, “and this is the spirit of Kitty Meow Meow.”

If you need your kitty or doggy taken care of, but want to make absolutely sure they are getting the love they need to thrive, drop a line to your local pet pals at Kitty Meow Meow. If you have trouble getting ahold of Sterling, look for her at the next pet day—I am sure you will find her.

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By Anthony Vitale