It’s High Time for a Funk n’ Experimental Rock Sandwich

vandfald_flyer*UPDATE* It is quite the bummer to report that Vandfald has had to cancel their presence at this show. However, the good news is that another kickas* Oregon band, Human Ottoman (, will be taking over their timeslot. Regardless of the change-up, check out the links below. Lots of great stuff happening here, and this is some of it.

And now I return you to your as-printed Corvallis Advocate article…

From that pool of Corvallis bands I’ve listened to/seen over the years, there have been about six or so acts that have provided a seriously heavy sonic experience. Vandfald’s unique indie rock wizardry is easily at the top of the heap, making them a must-see. Just imagine pouring sound honey all over yourself and it… uh, not being weird.

Getting all starry-eared for their tunes aside, they’ve got a show coming up at Bombs Away with funk band Peach Purple out of Arcata, CA, whose recordings reek a bit of deconstructed Red Hot Chili Peppers, only more authentic and surprising. A funk/indie sandwich, as they call it, sounds incredibly satisfying and will only pick your pocket for a measly $5 at the door. A big-a*s bag of Cheetos is pretty great, too, but not on the same level.

Peach Purple opens up the stage at 9 p.m. and Vandfald follows at 10 p.m. This will be a 21 and over event only, so all of you youngsters will just have to go to one of the following websites and buy a record. I’m old and have a sweet beard, kids, so take it from me: buying independent music will make you cool.

To read an Advocate profile of Vandfald:

Vandfald’s tunes and other good stuff:

Take a listen to Peach Purple here:

Be there or be square.

For updated details, visit this cryptic looking link:

By Johnny Beaver