Ice Crawlers and Drinking Water?

grasshopperMarys Peak is a landmark known to everyone in Corvallis, and certainly many in the surrounding area.  On Tuesday, Nov. 15, the mountain will be the topic of a free presentation by a pair of local experts at the Old World Deli, beginning at 6 p.m.

Oregon State University professor Andy Moldenke will speak on the unique ecosystem at the top of Marys Peak, a location that is home to wingless grasshoppers, rare arthropods called ice crawlers, and other critters. Ken McCall, former Forest Service overseer of Marys Peak, will also be there to discuss the little-known story of why Corvallis has some of the purest, cleanest drinking water in the region.

An intriguing event paired up with some great food and drink from Old World Deli? This is what some might call a “no-brainer.”

By John M. Burt