Hot Diggity Dogs!

hot-dogsShould we be surprised that Corvallis has only a tiny fraction of hot dog joints compared to its fish taco places? If you’re needing a break from the taco fest, and have a hankering for something more meaty (and aesthetically phallic), look no further. Here’s our list of where to get your Corvallis dogs, à la hot:

Roxy Dawgs, 1425 NW Monroe Ave.
At the corner of Cobblestone Square near campus lies Roxy Dawgs, serving the hottest dogs in the city. With over 30 condiments to choose from, plus tornado fries or skewered fried potatoes, you can have yourself a cheap sausage fest, so to speak. The Beaver Dawg, a quarter-pound sausage stuffed with both bacon and cheese, awaits the brave.

McWeenies, Madison Ave. and Other Locations

Many of us are familiar with the McWeenies mobile hot dog cart that can be found in downtown Corvallis events such as the farmers’ market. Splitting both the bun and dog, the dogs are cooked on a flat top grill. Besides a nice toasty bun and sausage dog, customers can add kraut, onions, mustard, or even meat sauce.

The Little Lunchbox, 136 SW 2nd St.
With dirt cheap dogs, The Little Lunchbox is a go-to for a quick fix, starting at $3. The buns and dogs might not match the quality of those mentioned above, but the business is new and has plenty of time to play catch-up—plus the service is excellent. Never met a nicer dog dealer.

The Dam, 349 SW 4th St.
New kid on the street The Dam is known for its unique sports/arcade atmosphere, but what you may not know is that they have a few killer dogs on their menu. All reports indicate that the Dam Dog, Doggy Dog, and the Hockey Brat are operating at high levels of deliciousness.

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