Governor Kate Brown Supports Trans-Pacific Partnership

Governor-Kate-Brown-Official-Photo-webGovernor Kate Brown recently announced her support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a controversial trade deal negotiated by President Obama involving 12 countries bordering the Pacific Ocean. Brown cited stronger labor and environmental standards written into the TPP as her reasons for backing it, along with the Oregon economy’s reliance on exports and free trade.

Oregon opposition to the TPP cites a massive loss of jobs, which is what happened after NAFTA was struck. Critics say the TPP would essentially facilitate outsourcing jobs overseas, and in turn lower wages for working class citizens and protect corporate interests. Other concerns include lowering the nation’s ability to protect the environment, a jump in pharmaceutical prices around the world, and an unequal distribution of profit for those involved.

The negotiations for the TPP are still in early stages, but the deal is on “fast-track,” meaning that Congress can only approve or reject ratifications made by President Obama. Brown’s support announcement also said that she will push to improve on the conditions of the TPP.

By Gina Pieracci