Gentlefolk, Stop Your Engines: OSU Permit Time

parking_lotParking changes at Oregon State are set to take effect October 1 – and there’s been another round of fiddling about with residential and commuter parking lots. Enforcement is still seven to five, Monday through Friday and there aren’t any infractions that’ll cost you less than $25. Annual permits range in price from $75-$500, depending on how much convenience you can afford.

Employees are able to pay to park at work through pre-taxed payroll deductions, spread out over a nine-month period. Enrollment in the employee payroll deduction program is available until October 31. For graduate students, deductions can be made from fall term’s pay periods starting in October.

Staff and students new to town may benefit from a reminder to rid your ride from campus during anything to do with football games. Permits and any preconceived notions are promptly null and void once the recreational vehicle enthusiasts require room for their corn-holing and carryings-on.

Parking spaces for the disabled will require an OSU parking permit along with a DMV placard. Valid placard-presenting persons may collect a three-hour visitors permit free of charge at either the information booth or parking office.

The parking program is an entirely self-supported, self-sustaining auxiliary of the university. No tuition dollars, tax revenue, or student fees are spent on any construction, maintenance, administration, landscaping, leaf removal, painting, signage, or repair on anything to do with campus parking.

To keep up with the campus parking goings-down, please visit: . Check early and often, as our research seems to show different internal pages quoting different deadlines.

By Matthew Hunt