Freedom of Expression at OSU

megaphoneEd Ray, Oregon State University president, is here to inform you that you have the right to free speech. Well, free so long as it does not impede traffic or disrupt classrooms…and the proper authorities were notified beforehand.

Ray announced the acceptance of the OSU community’s freedom of expression in a recent email, referencing the current resurgence of political activism while paralleling it alongside protests against the Vietnam War, labor rights, and gender equality.

He deemed freedom of expression, “essential to Oregon State’s commitment to ensure inclusive and excellent educational opportunities.”

Following this announcement was a link to the university’s brand-new values statement—a guide to how the school will ensure safe activism and rules for the appropriate time, place, and manner of “speech activities.” And cue: confused head tilt.

In addition, OSU is hosting “Freedom of Expression at OSU,” a panel discussion for anyone with concerns about activism at the university. History professor Chris Nichols will be facilitating the discussion from 4 to 6 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 17 in the Memorial Union Horizon Room.

By Regina Pieracci