Foundry Annex’s Too-Soon Departure

Foundry AnnexFoundry Annex, the art gallery and workspace on Madison Avenue, is no more as of recent weeks. The space served as a supportive community for artists and creatives to collaborate, foster productivity, and showcase the Corvallis creative scene. It had been up and running next to the Book Bin since spring of this year, but the owners, Chris Adams, Johnathan Kurten, and Nick Martinelli, have since gone their separate ways.

Adams attributed the split to “differences in vision.” Kurten agreed with Adams, but also cited “minor differences we had regarding regulations for both artists and non-artists jointly using a space as coworkers” for the split. Martinelli’s move to California proved another catalyst.

Their distinct visions, however, will still live on downtown. Adams started up a studio, Corvidopolis, in the same location as the former Foundry Annex. He also manages his own gallery, Bison bison!

Kurten has been working on opening up an artist co-working space, Foundry, with his wife, Tracy. The communal workspace will cater to those seeking community, resources, and tools in their creative process—though to start, members might be what Kurten refers to as “digital nomads” such as developers, designers, and coders.

The new location is small, but Kurten is already looking to expand, potentially into a makerspace. “The hope is that we find an even larger need for communal workspace than what we had identified initially, allowing us to look at how to serve a larger and even more diverse portion of the community.”

Foundry’s location is under construction but is expected to open sometime in September. Their progress can be followed at

By Gina Pieracci