Drive Less Challenge

biking-to-workAs emissions continue unchecked and global temperatures rise, many wonder what can be done to reduce their carbon footprint and help combat climate change. In 2013 the Oregon Department of Transportation spearheaded a project called the Drive Less Challenge to encourage people to take an active role in reducing their own carbon footprint.

In its first year, the challenge was responsible for eliminating 913,664 vehicle miles, which was nearly double their goal of half a million. This feat translated to 658,696 pounds of carbon dioxide that was kept from entering the atmosphere. Other goals of the challenge include helping people save money on transportation, improving health and fitness, and reducing traffic congestion around Oregon.

The program’s success has prompted the continuation of the challenge every year, and this year marks the fourth installment of the Drive Less Challenge. From October 1 – 15, you can use alternative means of transportation instead of driving and log your trips on Walking, biking, bus, train, and even carpooling all help to reduce emissions and count towards the challenge. There are multiple prize drawings that accompany the challenge, and the more trips you log the better chance you have at winning. However, even if you don’t win a prize, knowing that you contributed to a reduction of CO2 from the atmosphere and helped keep our planet healthy should be incentive enough.

By Bobby Figura