Dispensary Spreads to a Second Location

agresticLocal boutique medical cannabis dispensary The Agrestic is planting a second location here in North Corvallis. The current building, located at 1665 SE 3rd Street, will continue to operate as it always has, offering a wide selection and knowledgeable service.

“We have no intention of closing our current location and feel the amount of loyal patronage we have in South Town will be adequate to support it,” explained Co-owner Kayla Dunham. “We have outgrown our current space and hope this new space will help us conquer two of our current obstacles: first, the limitations of a small store, and second, the distance many of our customers have to travel in order to patronize it.”

The new space, set to open as early as mid-August, will also be called The Agrestic. As the original Agrestic sits in South Town, the new location will be situated at 1945 9th Street on the north side of Corvallis. City folk might recognize the location as the Indian restaurant Nirvana, which sits directly across from Market of Choice. Those familiar with the building know it will alleviate both the space and travel concerns of the original Agrestic, providing easy access to North Town patrons both new and old.

By Kyle Bunnell