Corvallis Pot Shop Comparo

marijuana-dispensaryIn Corvallis, the weed industry is in full bloom. Since legalization of recreational use, the state of the industry has advanced, allowing for improvements in every facet of the new economy. Dispensaries can use credit unions to store their money. Taxes on recreational cannabis are used to help law enforcement. And edibles, oils, and extracts are now legal for any adult to purchase.

In light of recent strides made by lawmakers dedicated to improving the legal pot industry, the Advocate has decided to visit each dispensary in town. For those of you who are new to the area, are new to buying weed, or have just come of age to do so, our dispensary rundown is an invaluable guide.

We toured the stores, checked out the menus and merchandise, studied the rules, and interviewed staff at each business to learn what life is like for both budtenders and customers in the area. This foolproof guide won’t let you try before you buy, but it will give you an idea of how each business is unique—and what to expect when you get there.

1. The Agrestic
Owned by Kayla Dunham, the Agrestic was originally founded as a medical dispensary in 2013, making it the oldest existing pot shop in Corvallis.

Among the 15 total employees—including a manager, receptionist, and several budtenders—extensive cannabis knowledge is key. Staff and customers alike refer to the store as a “boutique”: an accurate description of this small and stylish venue, which focuses on quality rather than quantity.

An OMMP (Oregon Medical Marijuana Program) card isn’t required for workers, but many have one, and all are very experienced with the product.

Budtender Zach explains what it’s like to work at the Agrestic. “The owner’s obsessed with quality,” he says, adding that “everyone’s experience is equally important.” He describes how the experience of working— and shopping— at a pot “boutique” is different from other jobs in the service industry. “In other service jobs, customers can get impatient. Here, it’s a very pleasant experience. Our warm attitudes help to make it relaxing and enjoyable for customers.”

The Agrestic sets a great deal of importance on following laws while allowing customers as much freedom as possible in their weed-buying experience. “We’ve been actively pursuing intelligent legislation and working to disperse accurate information,” states the Agrestic’s website. “We know the law, we know the people, and, most importantly, we know the plant.”

Like many other dispensaries, the Agrestic uses the Leafly platform to display their menu to customers online every day. Weed is weighed out in front of customers, and is displayed in stylish containers at the counter and on a comprehensive paper menu, giving clients a hands-on experience. Just as many “cream-of-the-crop” strains of cannabis are available as budget versions.

Recreational users can purchase up to seven grams of dried buds every day, in addition to four live clones. Medicinal users can buy up to 24 ounces in flowers, 16 ounces in solid edibles, and seven ounces in infused drinks.

Beginning in June, all customers of legal age can now purchase one low-dose, 15-milligram-strength edible per day, one package of concentrate per day, and an unlimited amount of topically applied products.

The Agrestic is open seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. The store is located in Southtown at 1665 SE 3rd St., Corvallis, Oregon, 97333. Call 541-753-4182 or to contact. Additional information can be found at

2. High Quality Compassion
High Quality Compassion, one of Corvallis’ most popular cannabis shops, was established in 2014. The business is described on its website as one that is “dedicated to improving health, happiness and wellbeing” to the public. High Quality’s staff are proud of their role in the community, and believe that their work isn’t just running a business, but is about providing a valuable service to the cannabis community.

High Quality regularly hires a total of 14 employees—two packagers, three budtenders, two supervisors, two managers, and a few receptionists who also work as budtenders—and that’s because it’s the busiest dispensary in town. According to staff, at least 200 to 300 people come in every day, and about 25 to 50 of those are brand-new customers.

The staff at High Quality are dedicated to providing a recreational experience specifically tailored to each individual customer. Employees get to know their customers personally, especially their regulars. “When someone seems like they’re having a bad day, we can help them,” says receptionist Elise. The goal, explains staff, is to prescribe the “right kind of high.”

At the store, the staff have implemented a unique form of collaboration to continue to improve each customer’s experience on an individual level. In the store’s back room, staff share their daily experiences with one another on a whiteboard. While each worker sticks to his or her specific specialty, everyone is cross-trained in different skill sets.

“Downtime is knowledge time,” says employee Alex Ferrel. “We learn a little piece of education every day. We push to get rid of the ‘lazy stoner’ stigma of the cannabis user; we want to have intimacy with the customer. The main thing [we hope for] is that people will keep coming back here, based on their interactions with the employees.”

Ferrel’s boss, Brock Binder, the owner of High Quality Compassion, is popular among his staff due to his conscientious manner and focus on accommodating the staff just as much as his customers. An OMMP license is not required for employees to sell pot at High Quality, but some of the staff have them.

While medicinal cannabis is weighed at the store in front of customers, recreational pot is pre-packaged in amounts of 1/8, ¼, ½ and 1.1 grams, measured in order to fit into the seven-gram limit for recreational buds. The additional 0.1 gram is always added to account for seeds and stems. The smallest amount of pot you can buy as a recreational customer is a ½-gram, pre-rolled joint.

High Quality Compassion is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. The store is located on 9th St. near downtown Corvallis at 1300 NW 9th St. Call 541-286-4771 or email to contact. Additional information can be found at

3. The Green Room
The Green Room was opened in 2014 by father-and-son duo Harold and Daniel Lareau, who own a few other smoke shops in Oregon, as well as the long-loved campus “head shop” Bad Habits –— which the Lareaus plan to expand into a dispensary sometime in the next year or two.

The Green Room boasts a large and spacious lobby with plenty of room for customers to wait inside rather than having to queue up out in the rain. Glassware and paraphernalia are available for browsing and purchase right outside the main bud-bar.

Only a few employees are present at the Green Room at a time, making it a calm and quiet environment to shop in. A medicinal marijuana license is required for all employees who work there, perhaps because the Green Room was originally a medical-only dispensary. “We try to always have a variety [of cannabis] available for different medical conditions,” says a budtender who prefers to remain unnamed, though “we love to make sure we find something that will work for everyone — recreational or medical.”

All dried flowers and extracts are prepackaged in amounts of either 1 gram or 1/8 of an ounce, and nothing is weighed out at the store.

The most unique advantage of shopping for cannabis at the Green Room is the availability of a near-infinite array of different concentrates, plus some high-tech recreational and medicinal gear including European-style Pyrex bongs, e-vape and e-cig batteries, and Synergy Skin Worx transdermal 24-hour time-release CBD patches.

The Green Room is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. The store is located on the corner of Walnut and 9th St., at 2521 NW 9th St, Corvallis, Oregon, 97330. To contact the Green Room, call 541-230-1096 or follow and send a direct message to @greenroomdispensary on Instagram.

Additional information about the Green Room, including their full menu and list of products, can be found on Leafly at

4. Beaver Bowls
Beaver Bowls opened last year. Owned and managed by Dan Cochraine, and co-owned by Brad Moss, the Beaver Bowls cannabis shop hosts nine extremely enthusiastic and upbeat employees. Six are budtenders, though according to staff, “everyone does a little bit of everything.”

What makes Beaver Bowls unique, says weekend manager Mykayla, is “the one-on-one attention from knowledgeable staff— making an experience superior to just buying weed.” The staff greet every customer with a big smile, and that’s because they are happy to be a part of the new legal industry in Oregon.

“We’re all excited to be a part of this movement that’s a long time coming,” adds Mykayla, who also works as a budtender, explaining that the real enthusiasm comes from the fact that the employees “are all tied together in the shared experience of starting a new frontier.”

An OMMP card is not required for Beaver Bowls’ employees; though staff say it’s nice to be able to tell customers they have one, it’s not a qualification to work there. The majority of staff have plenty of experience with concentrates and edibles, both of which are now available to recreational customers at the store.

Recreational clients can buy a limit of seven grams of pot per day, while medical users can buy up to 24 ounces. There is no tax put on the cannabis or cannabis products for medicinal patients, and no flowers— recreational or medical— come prepackaged. Instead, it’s all displayed “deli-style” and weighed out directly in front of customers, who are offered whiffs of coffee beans to cleanse the palette while sniffing out the right strain. Budtender Matt, who works in specialty sales, explains how Beaver Bowls handles their buds: “Here, we don’t let anyone touch it. They’ll hold it up and look at it with the magnifying glass.”

“Anyone who wants to enjoy the use of marijuana is welcome here,” adds Matt. “It’s all about the atmosphere, and the customer service.” Beaver Bowls’ homey ambiance, combined with their location’s close proximity to the downtown police station— they’re on the same block— is bound to make any customer new to purchasing cannabis feel safe and at ease. Plus, there’s free candy at the front desk to eat while you’re shopping— or to save for a later case of munchies.

Beaver Bowls is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. The store is located downtown at 227 SW 6th St., Corvallis, OR, 97333. Call541-286-4657 or email to contact. Visit for additional information. 

5. The Corvallis Cannabis Club
After visiting the Corvallis Cannabis Club and being turned down for an in-person interview, the Advocate made repeated attempts to contact staff with the assurance that publicity would be nothing but advantageous for the business – the newest of all the dispensaries in Corvallis.

Unfortunately, the Corvallis Cannabis Club failed to fulfill their promises of returning our calls and emails, and the paper was forced to abandon this particular venture. Let the lack of a review on this list serve as a warning to prospective customers that while the Cannabis Club may be a hot new venue in town, a combination of rude clerks and flaky staff may not guarantee the most satisfying experience for buyers.

The Corvallis Cannabis Club is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and is located downtown at 220 NW 2nd St., Corvallis, OR, 97330. Cannabis users and patients still interested in seeing what the store has to offer can call them at 541-602-7278 or visit their Leafly profile at

By Kiki Genoa