Corvallis’ First Annual Walk for Peace

walkSunday, Jan. 1 begins a new year full of possibilities—and for Carol Moore and Councilwoman Nancy Wyse from Ward 6, this year will begin with peace. Why? Because they will be at the front of the first annual Walk for Peace march on the first day of the New Year.

The main reason to march, according to Wyse, is “to promote peace in the broadest sense of the word.” The idea is to humbly walk peacefully from Garfield Park to Benton County Courthouse. Wyse and Moore ask that all those attending respect the silence and walk peacefully without chanting, yelling, or toting signs.

“It is not affiliated with any specific cause, government, group, etc.” explained Wyse. She feels that any personal beliefs or causes would only disrupt the main goal for the walk: peace.

Emerging from the 2016 fog of opinions, the chance to simply walk in peace is a refreshing transition into 2017. All ages are welcome to march and all participants are asked to wear black and/or orange. Only service dogs are allowed during the march.

Walking starts at 10 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 1 at Garfield Park, 1715 NW Dixon Street, Corvallis. The walk will go down 11th Street to Monroe Avenue then to the Benton County Courthouse, 120 NW 4th Street. For more information, contact Councilwoman Nancy Wyse at

By Jamie Asunsolo