Corvallis Eateries, We Appreciate You

foodI’ve been eating and drinking since I was very small—perhaps around the time I was born, give or take. I loved it. In the beginning, sometimes it wasn’t even food. Crayons and Play-Doh… sweet ambrosia. Point being, eventually I grew up and found myself in the classy settlement of Corvallis. One of the first things I heard from people were comments such as, “I love Corvallis, but Albany has better restaurants.” Well, those folks were on the wrong side of history.

The fact is, for its size, Corvallis has an incredibly wide spectrum of delicious food options from dozens of locations. The bars and coffee shops? The combined alcohol and caffeine could power 200 Charles Bukowskis and 25,000 college students for decades (and it literally has to some extent). The breweries? Some of the best in the Pacific Northwest, and that’s a fact. This is why it’s our pleasure to put together our biannual issue focused on food. It’s a celebration of our city’s consumable culture, and we recommend you take some cues from these pages to go out and celebrate in person.

And by that we mean to say: Feel free to stuff yourself.

By Johnny Beaver