Corvallis City Council Candidates on Record

city-council-picEven some of the unopposed felt obligated to respond to our requests for a statement, all of them emailed and unedited. Budget issues are perennial for almost any city, and ours is no exception—these next few years will also bring far-reaching decisions on housing, homelessness, and economic development.

Ward 1 (unopposed)

Penny York

I would like to help complete the Vision 2040 and the Community Action Plan. Together these documents should guide the City’s priorities, partnerships and development into the future.”

Ward 2

Roen Hogg

I am running for re-election to continue to protect and enhance our neighborhoods and our city. As a longtime Corvallis resident, I remain committed to neighborhood livability.  Homeowners, renters and students deserve a vibrant, attractive place to live, work and do business.  I strongly support our local neighborhood associations which are vital for improving the livability of our historic neighborhoods. I support community organizations, nonprofits, arts, culture, schools, diversity, sustainability and OSU-City collaboration. I am a member of the First Alternative Co-op and a founding member of the Whiteside Theatre Foundation.   I will appreciate the opportunity to continue to represent you on the Corvallis City Council.”

Charles Maughan

  • Creating inclusive communities

Diversity produces culturally vibrant communities. We will work to have more inclusive neighborhoods with affordable housing for all Corvallis residents. Together, we will work to address Corvallis’ growing homeless crisis.

  • Engaging citizens to affect change

This election cycle has shown us the importance of our ongoing involvement in the political process. It is my goal to work with members of my community in Ward 2 and all of Corvallis to engage voters, bring awareness to issues affecting our communities, and foster involvement. Real change happens from the bottom up and it’s time to get to work.

  • Promoting sustainability for future generations

Climate change and dependence on fossil fuels are a couple of the biggest challenges facing all Americans. We must take action locally to move to renewable energy sources, and improve public transportation.

Since moving my family to Corvallis I have always looked for ways to be involved in the community. I will reach out to people in my community through monthly meetings that will take place in various neighborhoods. I am receptive to community members’ ideas and concerns, and will make every effort to address these as a City Councilor. “

Ward 3

Hyatt Lytle

I am certain that strengthening the connective tissue between city-government and community is integral as we assess and prepare for future change in Corvallis. As citizens, we have a reasonable expectation of safety and wellbeing in our communities. We also have an additional expectation to possess general awareness of potential issues which could affect our sense of safety and wellbeing. In short, citizens want to feel confident about the momentum that is present at both the community and government level in order to prepare for/address issues when needed. As Ward 3 Councilor, I intend to dedicate myself to towards the promotion of community quality: fostering the connection between city-government and the community and maintaining the momentum to address the issues that matter to the community and city as a whole.

Promotion of community quality is multifaceted and ongoing andI will promote: enhancement ofcommunity connectivity, awareness and engagement; Stronger emphasis towards Community Policing & Neighborhood Associations; Emergency-Preparedness planning for flood/earthquake protocols, CERT Training; Educational prosperity; Focus on parks/natural resources/urban greenspaces; Buildable lands/development; A balanced, sustainable budget, and creativity in appropriate ways to generate revenue; Focus of climate concerns and ecological awareness; and the encouragement of neighborhood self-sufficiency.,”

Neil Goudriaan

Priority Goal. Sustainable Development and expansion of Ward 3 services for constituents.

I have been a resident of Ward 3 for the past 11 years. As an advocate for development in South Corvallis I currently enjoy the bike-ability and walk-ability of the Ward and the City as a whole. 

As defined in the South Corvallis Area Refinement Plan (SCARP) developed in 1996 & 1997, one of the major components was the concept of a community featuring mixed use services, in particular a full service grocery store. The hypothetical “Town Center”. As residents in Ward 3 will attest little has changed in the last 20 years in terms of meeting those goals, despite significant and continuing residential development in the Ward. 

Now retired the primary emphasis of my career was working for a full service engineering design, procurement, construction (EPC) firm, an affiliate of Raytheon. Initially in the role of industrial relations later evolving to human resources, recruitment, benefits administration and training. The focus in that industry is always action oriented, within budget and on time delivery.

In contrast, I deem the development process in Corvallis, as suffering from process paralysis.

As a result many developers and potential business ventures have shifted their emphasis to Albany and as far away as Lebanon, Sweet Home and Salem, taking the benefits of substantial solid employment prospects with them.

A critical need for ‘affordable housing’ exists in Corvallis, the result has been some 60,000 commuters into the City daily for employment, to conduct business or to attend classes. A factor which flies directly in the face of community efforts in the areas of environmental, climate warming, and sustainability. As others have indicated in the past, a mono-economy has developed in the Corvallis housing market aimed at satisfying the seasonal demands of our campus. I favor all avenues open to our city, annexation, urban renewal and the utilization of and expansion of the urban growth boundary.

I am focused on the future of all children of my Ward and the City of Corvallis. My vision includes sustainable local food and agricultural production, physical and mental health services, andimproved transportation networks toward building an inclusive, affordable and livable community.

As the “Southern Gateway to Corvallis” we can do better.

I actively seek your input and support on the Ballot and during my term on the City Council.”

Ward 4 (unopposed)

Barbara Bull

A lot has happened over the last two years and I think the first step in the new term as new councilors come on board should be getting everyone up to speed on where we are. That will be very important because most of what has been done so far will need active support of the community as a whole to succeed.

We have a draft vision for Corvallis in 2040, we need the participation of the community to create the action plan to make that happen.

We have information about the costs of providing the services we enjoy, we need the participation of the community to know which services we are willing to pay for and how. We have an urbanization report including forecasts for growth out to 2036, with the help of our community we need to decide where that growth is going to go and how to include affordable housing.

We have a Transportation System Plan and Transit Development Plan in progress. We need the participation of the community to know how to direct our resources so that people can continue to get around town even with that growth.

For these reasons I think the most important work next term will be that of the Community Involvement and Diversity Advisory Board which will aim to engage our community in a meaningful way starting with neighborhood associations.”

Ward 5 (unopposed)

Charlyn Ellis

As your city councilor, I will work for change based upon the following principles:

  • Everyone deserves a safe place to sleep.  No one’s economic status or location in town should alter this fact.   This includes long-term residents just looking for a good night’s rest, renters who need housing that’s not dangerous to live in, and the homeless who would be glad to have anything at all.
  • We need to remember that Corvallis is a city with a university, not the other way around. Our choices must benefit and support all the residents of Corvallis.
  • We need to be proactive, not reactive, in our land use decisions. This means having the difficult conversations about what we want our community to look like, and how to adjust our ordinances and land use code to support this vision.”  

Ward 6

Joel Hirsch

I am hoping that in this, my fifth term on the Corvallis City Council, that I will get to see through to completion the ambitious slate of Council goals initiated by this current Council. 

As a member of the Sustainable Budget Task Force we have been looking for ways to create stability in balancing the City’s budget, without every few years putting at risk so many valued City Services with the need to approve another levy.

This current Council term has been my absolute favorite, most fulfilling and most gratifying. This is due in part to the enthusiasm and motivation of my fellow Councilors, and in part because of my own years of experience serving on Council. Knowing what I am doing, understanding the workings of City Government, and thus being an effective Councilor makes the hours and energy of being a volunteer meaningful and satisfying. 

I am truly looking forward to this next term because I believe by this time 2 years from now, we will be leaving this community in much better shape than when I first signed on in 2008.

Also, thank you to so many who regularly acknowledge my good sense and reasoned approach to problem solving.

Nancy Wyse

My primary concern is protecting and enhancing the livability of Corvallis.  Some of the most important aspects contributing to the livability of a city include safety, educational and employment opportunities, housing, environmental responsibility, and mitigating issues surrounding homelessness.  The optimal version of Corvallis has well staffed Fire and Police, and increased communication between city government and members of the community.  When citizens are informed and city government addresses concerns, we create a solid foundation to work on these tough issues.  I am committed to fostering communication and doing whatever I can to help community members stay informed.  Let’s fight to keep our city safe and livable, and create the best version of Corvallis possible! If you have questions or comments for me please email me at or visit my website & social media. Twitter: @nancywyseward6.”

Ward 7 (unopposed)

Bill Glassmire

The 2015-16 Corvallis City Council took on a substantial workload: hiring a new City Manager, creating the Imagine Corvallis 2040 vision and associated community action plan, creating a climate action plan, planning for a sustainable budget, and continuing to address city-university relations, economic vitality, and the shortfall in affordable housing. With the support of City Manager Mark Shepard and city staff, the City has made progress in those areas, while honoring the overarching goals of community involvement, cost efficiency, diversity, and sustainability.

As Councilor, my goals for 2017-18 will be a continuation of the 2015-16 work:

  • Involve concerned community members directly in decision-making discussions
  • Maintain a balanced budget while controlling costs for lower-income citizens
  • Encourage both sustainability and economic vitality
  • Support community-based processes to address homelessness andaffordable housing

Discussion with community members and fellow councilors is an important part of decision-making. I invite you to work with with me by playing Councilor: for different questions of policy and procedure, if you were a Councilor, how would you decide your position? Let me know what you think.

I welcome your questions, your ideas, and your conversation. Let’s work together toward an even better Corvallis. Thank you.”

Ward 8

Carl W. Price

The primary priority for the next City Council needs to be fiscal stability.  All jurisdictions are going to continue to get financial pressure from the State, and other government bodies are continuing plans to tax Corvallis residents at a heavier amount.  We as a City need to do the hard work to attract more taxpaying entities, and figure out how to live within our means, while not taxing any more of our residents out of their homes.

Some believe that the Council deserves to spend money on pet projects as a way to make serving have meaning or as a reward, I believe that serving and using those volunteer hours to keep Corvallis as a wonderful place to live is reward enough, and has motivated me to run for office.  In this next Council term I would call for an end to Council goals, and instead use that time, Council, Staff, and volunteers, to instead tackle the core issues of the city.

This will be a lot of work, but I think together we can accomplish it.

Thank you for your vote on Nov 8th.”

Mark A. Page

I’m Mark Page. I’m running for City Council, to represent the residents of Ward 8.  

I believe my management and finance education and experience will be of benefit on the Council. It brings a valuable perspective to dealing with our community’s challenges.  There are many people of many different colors here who feel they don’t have a voice. I know they can, if they will step up, get involved. That’s what I’m doing. 

Just as it’s important to be environmentally sustainable, we also need to make city services fiscally stable. I support the Sustainable Budget Task Force recommending viable new revenue alternatives for a vote of the citizens. 

Corvallis desperately needs affordable housing for families.  If we encourage building homes within the reach of middle and lower income families, the result will be a more vibrant and inclusive community.   

I welcome your questions, thoughts, and ideas on working together to make Corvallis even better. Please email me anytime at: 

And I pledge to do all I can to be worthy of your vote for City Councilor, Ward 8.”  

Ward 9 (unopposed)

Hal Brauner

No response