Corvallis Brewing Supply Raises Sake Awareness

sakeIf there’s a disadvantage to living in this boozy wonderland we call Oregon, it’s that it’s easy to abandon one’s sense of adventure in favor of familiar libations, like beer, wine, or cider. We can hardly be blamed, considering how good the usual options are, but when it comes to alcohol, why wouldn’t we want more options?

Sake, for example, seems to arouse suspicion more than it does curiosity. This is not helped by the fact that when many westerners first encounter sake, it’s served piping hot at a strip mall sushi joint or being squirted down the throat by an insistent hibachi server.

It turns out most of what we think we know about sake is wrong — which the folks at the Corvallis Brewing Supply have been saying for over three years now. In an effort to shed a little light on the underrated beverage, they’re hosting a sake tasting on October 1st in celebration of the internationally recognized World Sake Day.

They’re breaking out the good stuff, too. Five imported sakes of three different varietals are on the menu, each selected by a bona fide sake pro, and they’ll be served chilled, dammit.

For the bold, a mere $5 is all you need to sample some of the highest quality sake available in the area, as well as the truth behind words like Daiginjo and Junmai. And for the meek, if experiencing a liquid worthy of the name “Demon Slayer” doesn’t ignite a fire within your soul, then your life has obviously lost its spark long ago. Stay home and weep, for your best days are behind you.

Corvallis Brewing Supply is located at 119 SW 4th St. The sake tasting will take place from 2-4 p.m on Saturday, October 1st. Cost is $5.

By Jason Campbell