City Council Chooses CHF

homeless-manCity Councilors are choosing the downtown shelter run by Corvallis Housing First (CHF) as this year’s cold weather emergency shelter provider for men. Councilor Hal Brauner made the motion, the only dissenting vote came from Councilor Roen Hogg. There are still specifics that will be worked out next week.

Councilors are requesting CHF provide reporting on their progress with supporting organizations, and enhanced vetting for people coming to the shelter. As is usually the case, those against a proposal show up in greater number than do supporters, and this standing room only meeting had concerned citizens lined up out the door.

Consisting largely of neighboring residents, nobody was comforted to hear consensus from the council that enhanced police patrols would only come in the form of officers concentrating on the area between other duties, and that even that would cost at least $15 thousand.

The City was presented with two proposals, one from CHF and the other from Community Outreach Inc. (COI). There was some consensus among councilors that they may actually prefer the COI plan for next year, as this would give the provider time to find a location for a new facility.

By Mattew Hunt