Celebrating Queer History Month

dragshowOctober is here and it’s Queer…Queer History Month, so get used to it. To celebrate LBGTQ+ identities, the Pride Center at Oregon State University is hosting about 15 events with such collaborators as the Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez, SOL, and OSU Archives.

Events will include an opening BBQ, film screenings, and keynote speakers. Of course this month includes the highly anticipated Fall Drag Show, thrown by the LGBTQ+ organization, Rainbow Continuum. In case you haven’t heard, this is big news on campus.

Jessica Perez, a Leadership Liaison at the Pride Center, says, “I believe having students who identify within the LGBTQ+ community feeling supported and appreciated is helpful not only to their personal, but academic lives as well.”

According to Perez, last year’s celebration centered around self-care while this year is more educational. There are panels and workshops spotlighting queer and trans people of color, queer history, queer future, and the representative flags will be on display.

“I think, given the demographic of Oregon and more specifically Corvallis, it is easy for events to center around the most visible identities perpetuated by society,” said Perez. “However, given that the Pride Center is a part of Diversity and Cultural Engagement, I think it is our responsibility to make our events as inclusive and diverse as possible.”

All events are held on the OSU campus, and are open to the public. For more information visit http://dce.oregonstate.edu/pc, or the Oregon State University Pride Center Facebook page.

By Regina Pieracci