Categorically Good Eats That Are Too Damn Difficult to Categorize

Hawaiian FooodLocal Boyz Hawaiian Cafe
Serving “Hawaiian-style plate lunches,” this local staple spoonfuls include rice, sweet shoyu chicken (shredded and drenched in delicious sauce), and a mostly mayonnaise peppered macaroni salad. Tucked away atop Cobblestone Square, it’s no place for fine dining, but the perfect stop for a hangover cure or to load up on calories. Platters range from “Menehune” (small) to  Blahah (giant), and beware, the Blahah is one heap of an undertaking.

White Wind Superfood
They have a variety of organic juices, smoothies, and shakes to nourish your body and delight your taste buds, and it’s tempting to compare them to the usual juice bar, but you would be wrong. The intentionality towards healthfulness and taste is unmatchable  Also, it’s one of those places that specializes in things that don’t sound like they go together, except that they do, so if they suggest something weird, trust them. One of the best things on the menu is their Spicy Mayan Chocolate Shake which consists of coconut water, dates, figs, cacao nibs and powder, avocado, almond butter, chipotle powder, cinnamon, and mesquite.

Nearly Normal’s
This veggie-head’s paradise serves a creative selection of mindfully prepared world flavors, Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican, and American. They call it gonzo cuisine, we call it a staff fave. Orders are taken at the front counter and guests can choose between the downstairs, upstairs, or patio area—all unique spaces against the Corvallis backdrop.

Café Yumm
Café Yumm may at first glance confuse you. Is it just a place that serves burritos unwrapped and dumped in a bowl? And yes, that is essentially what a Yumm Bowl is, but it’s more than that. From their oddly delectable Yumm Sauce to their flexibility on customization, their bowl has a ton of potential. I like to do a Large Yumm Baby with the light sauce, extra cilantro and sour cream, and add the jalapeno salsa. Trust me, I’m an unnamed newspaper source. But seriously, this place is great. They do a crazy good garden burger, too.

The Coffee Break Café
Nice selection with a twist. Yep, it’s homemade pastries, breads, and cookies baked fresh each day, nothing new there. It is their baking philosophy that caught our attention. Owner Nate McDaniels says, “A can of soda has 90 grams of sugar, that’s the same as three slices of our apple pie.” In short, they use fresh and real everything and count on the flavors to do the work, reducing the sugar quite a lot.

Gathering Together Farms
Just out of town, Philomath features something that can’t be left out of any local veggie-lover’s list of options: Gathering Together. Literally in the woods, this almost Euro-style country restaurant offers a rotating menu of nothing but the best our Earth has to offer. With a nearly perfect score on Yelp, this is definitely a dining experience that foodies from all over will love. Know this is fine dining.

Corvallis Brewing Supply
Nope, not just supplies for home brew. This is Corvallis’ best selection of craft microbrewery goodness along with our fair burg’s most knowledgeable staff as goes all things beer. Hint: When they offer a tasting, go for it. They know their stuff.

Feast Alternative Kitchen  (at the Co-Op)
Look, just because something is made with local and organic ingredients doesn’t mean that you should eat a metric freaking ton of it. Such is the danger of build-your-own meal bars. South Corvallis’ Feast Alternative Kitchen dishes a daily rotation of soup, salad, and entrees for the health-conscious crowd that also appeals to hedonists with comfort fare like Classic Mac & Cheese. Eat in among the sounds of market bustle or scarf it down in your car. Just don’t get five pounds of it.