Burrito Happiness

burritos2Bombs Away Café

Burritos smothered in Christmas sauce, crispy chimichangas, and Bomber nachos piled high with all your favorite fixings are what you can expect at Bombs Away. The Southwestern fare is modern and delicious. Plus, there’s beer and live music to wash it all down. The place fills up quick most nights of the week, but it’s worth the wait for your fave wet burrito.

Burrito Heaven
I had high hopes when I walked into Burrito Heaven on SE 3rd Street, glanced at the menu, which offered tamales, enchiladas, and 11 specialty burrito options, and made my dinner decision. I selected the sensationally seasoned fajita burrito with grilled chicken, a grilled veggie mixture with rice and beans, and a smooth guacamole and sour cream finish. This inexpensive yet behemoth burrito was full of flavor, and I left full and pleased with my decision.

Delicias Valley Café
Choose to dine in or order out from this Mexican restaurant located at 933 NW Circle Boulevard. There is a lengthy menu featuring authentic choices like enchiladas and fajitas, but the breakfast burritos really steal the show. Better yet—breakfast is served all day long. The potatoes that come on the side are also worthy of recognition. The BBQ-like seasoning is sweet, salty, and savory all at the same time. You may even try to lick your plate when no one’s watching.

Riva’s Taco Shop
There’s really no place like Riva’s for late night drunchies. Nothing beats a cheap, speedy burrito. Lesson learned, though: what you see is what you get. A chicken taco means chicken and tortilla, so get specific. My go-to is the Oregon Burrito, but with chicken and guac on the side. And if they seem perplexed because guac is not listed in the order, assure them it’s alright. Because who wouldn’t pay extra for that good, fatty god-dip?

Nearly Normal’s
A veggie-folk fave, the Nearly Nasty is nastily damn addictive with its beans, cheese, green peppers, scallions, and salsa topped with crave-worthy enchilada sauce. Then this eatery gets really nasty, torturing diners with this other 12-step program-inducing choice, their Figini’s Verde Burrito—black beans, home fries, cheese, mild green chilies, scallions, and salsa topped with salsa verde. Some will prefer to delete the standard sour cream from these selections. Hint: One of the best outdoor dining spaces in town.