Brewers’ Night Hops: Fast-Growing Corvallis Sector Gathers

IMG_6546Microbrew is big in our fair little burg, and judging from the full house at Corvallis Brewing Supply for Industry Night last week, things are definitely hopping in this growing sector. Packed with local industry insiders, the crowd was easily a hundred at any given time. The vibe was comfortable, with most attendees staying for well over an hour or more.

The invitation-only affair drew from neighboring Corvallis restaurants, pubs, and brewers—which sounds like an homogeneous group, but many a type was in the comfortable space, sipping and swapping stories and experiences.

“We want everyone here in the community that we work with to know how much we appreciate them,” said Eveyln Squire, the newest employee at Corvallis Brewing Supply. Guests arrived and were instantly offered a glass to taste from the selection at Corvallis Brewing Supply. Being a contrarian, I chose Astobiza Rose, a wine from Spain. Those leaving late-ish got to go home with a brewed cider made by store owner Joel Rea.

Now, about that store. Corvallis Brewing Supply has all the brewing equipment and pro-level knowledge you’d expect, but the surprise was the huge selection of local and upscale beers and wines—and the extent of the store’s knowledge curating all that.

“It started out primarily just as a home beer fermentation shop. Then I grew more into wine. Then I expanded into cheese making, and distillation and now have a bottle shop as part of the shop,” said Rea. “We’ve been open for 19 years and some people still don’t know we are here.” According to Rea, Corvallis Brewing Supply strives to support individuals interested in making home-fermented beer, wine, cider, cheese, sake, food, mead, and wine.

On the surface, the goal of Industry Night was to expand relationships with the people Corvallis Brewing Supply works with, but Rea is clear that it was also about just appreciating those relationships and getting everyone together for a good time. Mission accomplished.

Corvallis Brewing Supply is located at 4th Street and Monroe Avenue in downtown Corvallis. For more information about Corvallis Brewing Supply, visit

By Kara Beu