Brew BQ ‘Closed Forever’

Brew BQ closed forever (1)With papered-up windows and a handwritten sign hanging in the front door informing patrons that it’s “closed forever,” Brew BQ is off the streets for good.

The restaurant formerly occupying 150 SW Madison Avenue was a popular spot for barbecue, sandwiches, beer, and classic picnic fare, like scalloped potatoes and hush puppies, with a Pacific Northwestern twist.

The Madison Avenue property is owned by DFZ, LLC, according to Benton County property records. The property owners couldn’t be reached for comment, but another restaurant is rumored to be moving into the former Brew BQ space. While Brew BQ will be missed, the prospect of new foods, and hopefully brews, is always exciting for the city of Corvallis.

By Abbie Tumbleson