Beverages O’ Booziness

cocktail-05It’s no secret—our fair burg is home to a host of great bars, pubs, and general watering holes, in addition to some seriously fantastic breweries. No matter what sort of outing you’re looking for, there’s a number of great options just around the corner. Notice something missing? Just check out our sister article, “Tour de Corvallis: A Bar Hoppy Half Day.”

SNUGbar, 37 SW 2nd St.
You could take your date to Magenta, the Asian fusion small plates restaurant downtown. Or you could sneak down the steps just inside the restaurant’s entrance to SNUGbar, the speakeasy-style cocktail bar that—surprise!—also serves Magenta’s full menu. Lounge on cow-print benches under red mood lighting or pull up a chair at the bar, preferably in the corner, so you and your date can “accidentally” brush legs if it’s going well (or easily avoid eye contact if it isn’t). SNUGbar is open 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. Thursday through Saturday.

Crowbar, 214 SW 2nd St.
American Dream’s backdoor hole-in-the-wall bar would probably play second fiddle to the nationally renowned pizza joint if it weren’t such a fantastic place to hang out. The soothingly dim lighting of Crowbar’s low-key atmosphere makes it the perfect locale to meet friends, study for classes, or just stop by to chat with some of the friendliest bartenders in town over one of their signature infused cocktails.

Two Towns Ciderhouse, 33930 SE Eastgate Cir.
Boasting a large selection and a taproom to match, Two Towns Ciderhouse is a great stop for a refreshing libation. Seating is available both indoor and outdoor, but the real experience is sitting at the bar. The personable staff will not only keep you smiling, but their knowledge of cider is unrivaled. Pull up a stool and try one of the constantly rotating seasonal varieties.

Mazama Brewing, 3930 SE Eastgate Cir.
With fries, sandwiches, and more of their beers on tap than you can find in local stores,  Mazama’s taproom is worth the visit. While you can also purchase a six-pack to go, the real treat is being able to enjoy less readily available offerings, like their delicious Belgian Style Dubbel, and relax in the comfortable atmosphere. Winter hours are now in effect, so check their website before you go.

The Peacock Bar & Grill, 125 SW 2nd St.
If there’s a landmark in the Corvallis bar scene, this is it. Known for its diverse crowd, excellent food, a popular karaoke night (with one of the best KJs of all time), second floor “Top of the Cock” dance hall and Lord knows what else, if you can’t quite find your niche elsewhere, you’ll fit right in. When you stop in for a quick “just make me something weird” cocktail and wind up crushing your glasses while line dancing backwards with only one shoe on… that, ladies and gentlemen, is magic.

Oregon Trail Brewing, 341 SW 2nd St.
Found at their downtown landmark of a home, Old World Deli (and at certain local stores), the Ginseng Porter and the surprisingly authentic Smoke Signal German-style Rauchbier have really stuck in my mind. Take into consideration the nice central location if you’re planning a stumbling foot-tour of all the local breweries. I recommend the term “base camp.” It sounds super official.

Nectar Creek Honeywine
33848 SE Eastgate Cir.

If you’ve never had a chance to try some mead, you might want to rectify that. And lucky for you, Nectar Creek is great at it. Here, it’s refreshing and not overly sweet. It can be found in a number of local stores, or in the Two Towns Ciderhouse (talk about convenient). Pro tip: the wildflower mead, Waggle… it brings a tear to the eye. A tear of joy.

Impulse Bar & Grill, 1425 NW Monroe Ave.
Impulse is more club than bar, but the drinks are great and if a deep fried burrito sounds good, then you’re in luck. The stage and dance area is really nice, providing an environment you won’t really see anywhere else in town. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony played there a couple of years ago, and that’s pretty much the best street cred… ever.

McMenamins, 2001 NW Monroe Ave. #106, 420 NW 3rd St.
There are two McMenamins locations in town, though the one on Monroe also has a brewery. I’m not sure what kind of wizard they have working there, but the first McMenamins nitro stout I had was made right here in Corvallis; it remains my favorite of all time. In fact, I’ve had at least one dream about drinking my way out of a swimming pool of it.

Clodfelter’s, 1501 NW Monroe Ave.
Boozy booze, excellent menu, happening location that’s close to everything—that’s what we call a trick. While this may not be the spot if you’re looking for obscure and exotic booze snobberies, if a steak and a beer sound good with some sports in the background, you’re totally covered.

Harrison’s Bar & Grill, 550 NW Harrison Blvd.
If there ever were a bar’s kind of bar in this town, Harrison’s would be it. All the fat and none of the trimmings (which we all want to avoid now and again), an ever-rotating crowd of locals from every demographic make it the kind of bar you hop into and forget to hop back out of. A midnight specialty menu awaits, with every kind of pub food imaginable.