Awesomeness Between the Buns

hamburger_vegetables_4000x2483Bombs Away
You probably know Bombs Away for their Bomber tacos or insane weekly drink specials, but perhaps you don’t know that they make a mean burger as well. With options like the Blue Shrooms Burger, with sautéed garlic, mushrooms, blue cheese, and bacon, or the El Diablo, jalapenos, bacon, and their house-made Diablo hot sauce, you are not going to regret ordering one of these “hand-spanked” cheeseburgers with your next margarita.

With two McMenamins locations, burgers and tots are always available here in Corvallis. Packed with flavor, the Firm Burger is covered with pepperoni and Swiss cheese—a perfect pairing in my opinion. The burger is cooked to perfection and the buns are fresh, not to mention they have gluten-free options. Paired with their seasonal cider and Cajun tots, this meal is perfect for any burger lover.

Allow me to wax rhapsodic about Squirrel’s salmon burger with provolone and a side of curly fries. It’s so good I have to actively restrain myself from rubbing it all over my face in ecstasy, and, depending on who you talk to, I’ve not always been successful. There is a reason I no longer take first dates there. Also, Squirrel’s displays their beers on tap from lightest to darkest, which means no matter how much burger is stuffed in my mouth, I can still get myself a drink just by pointing.

Block 15
Known mostly for their beers and chalkboard tables, Block 15’s burgers are some of the best in Corvallis. But, what if you’re vegetarian…? Well, they offer the Nearly Normal’s Sun Burger, a veggie burger that satisfies the taste buds of all, even meat lovers. The patty is packed with seeds, seasonings, and topped with flavorful sauces. This burger is a must-try.

Flat Tail
Flat Tail offers a variety of foods, burgers being one of their biggest hits. Even though the Flat Tail Burger is a “regular” burger topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, and Flat Tail sauce, you can make this burger personalized by adding extras. The Flat Tail Burger with added pickled jalapeños makes the perfect classic but spicy burger for those of us who can’t take the heat. Pair your burger with frickles to make your meal even better.

Sky High Burgers
If you like your beef hand-patted and all natural, then Sky High Brewing is the place for you. For $12 you can treat yourself to a Sky High Burger, a half-pounder of Carlton Farms quality beef with the works and topped with the meltiest Tillamook cheddar. Superbly crafted and seasoned to perfection, the Sky High Burger demonstrates the utmost culinary class within the relatable context of American tradition. Not gonna lie, we love this place.