Attack of the… Zombees?

zombie_beeOne of the worst ways to die would surely be getting parasitized by Apocephalus borealis, aka the zombie fly.

If you were a honeybee, carpenter bee, or paper wasp, the zombie fly would pursue and assail you on sight. The attack would be akin to assault with a deadly weapon as the zombie fly would force its razor-sharp ovipositor through the cuticula between the segments of your abdomen before excreting eggs into your viscera. Then it’s only a matter of time.

Over the next week, you would slowly lose your mind. Up to 13 larvae would begin chewing through your muscles and nervous system, causing ponderous movements and disorientation. You might start ambulating in circles mumbling, or sleep the day away only to gravitate towards artificial lights on dark and rainy nights. As the larvae continued to masticate into your brain, your behaviors would become increasingly erratic, eventually causing you to venture into the darkness, never to return.

In the last moments of life, if you were still conscious, you might feel the engorged larvae pulsing through your body towards your neck. Pressure would build up until the segments between your head and thorax bulged, then split wide open. Mature zombie fly larvae would undulate from your lifeless body to spend the next 28 days pupating.

Then the life cycle would be complete.

FYI, these guys live here in Oregon. Check out for a map of zombee sightings and info on how you can become a Zombee Hunter.

By Anthony Vitale