AnimationFest 6: Beer, Food, Cartoons…

AdobeStock_41116675What’s better than Saturday morning cartoons? Saturday night ones. That’s what you’re in for at the sixth annual Animation Fest coming up on Saturday, Aug. 6. They’ve got exactly 100 short cartoons, curated to play over nine hours from sundown to sun up. Better yet, if you make it to see the sun you’ll be dubbed a member of the “Breakfast Club” and rewarded with pancakes.

None of the cartoons are more than 15 minutes long, with the oldest one made in 1908 and the newest from just this year. You’ll be able to reminisce over NickToons, The Golden Age of Animation, Adult Swim, MTV Cartoons, and even more from all over the world. Overwhelmed? A program will be provided to help you remember everything you just watched. Beer, cider, coffee, BBQ, and snacks will also be available to accompany you on the couch, grass, or wherever you perch yourself in the yard. There will also be a few TVs around with video games to play throughout the night.

AnimationFest 6 will be held at 3675 SE 3rd Street in Corvallis and is both green-friendly and free, but a dollar donation is recommended. Be aware that this event is for ages 21 and older. So grab your blankets, a tent, and something to keep warm in and head on over to south town to celebrate over a hundred years of cartoons.

For more information—and there is a LOT more—please visit or search for AnimationFest 6 on Facebook.

By Gina Pieracci

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