Advocate Appoints New Associate Editor

SteviePicWhen you combine a sharp intellect with a deep concern for one’s fellow humans, and then add a generous amount of backbone and hard work, you get newly appointed Corvallis Advocate Associate Editor Stevie Beisswanger. At the paper since September 2015, Beisswanger arrived with a 2013 Bachelor of Arts degree from Susquehanna University, and a track record of accomplishments already attained.

Beisswanger stepped in to her new role at the paper earlier this week after assuming similar duties on various issues of the paper over the last several months. Asked about her plans for her new role at the paper, Beisswanger said, “I will be working to strengthen leadership and responsibility throughout the paper. We have a wide demographic that can be further maximized by sparking interest and passion in people with increasingly thorough, considerate investigative material.” Beisswanger joins fellow Associate Editor, Johnny Beaver.

Editor-in-Chief Steven Schultz said that he believes Beisswanger possesses an important mix of talents for what the paper needs currently, adding, “Stevie will considerably add to our capacity to offer deeply thoughtful and researched perspective for the community. We’re quite pleased that she’s joined us.”

Beaver says he is impressed, commenting, “Stevie works at a level you don’t often see in local journalism anymore, and when you combine that with her leadership skills, she’s perfect for the paper.”

By Joel Hutton