About This Issue: How This Sausage Was Made

food-fight2Readers sometimes wonder just how we prepare our “Food, Booze & Brews” issue—how we select the ingredients, why one restaurant and not another makes the cut. So, here’s the skinny: our staffers in a careful and methodical process deteriorate into arguments for hours and days on end, until some consensus is reached—and not so much about what is best, but more as to what is good.

That may not seem objective, but consider this: we could poll readers, which would be fine if the goal were to report your present state of information while offering you nothing new. Or, we could ask recognized foodies, but let’s face it, they suck at understanding why we uninitiated so love our guilty pleasures.

So, by default, The Advocate has settled on hours of dirty stares and innuendos as the best arbiter, but then, we also just love to bicker, so there’s that.

On another note, please forgive the weird shifts between first- and third-person usage this issue. Some reviews were done by groups, others by individuals, and then there was the whole consensus versus deference thing. Look, news-folk tend to argue just for fun, but when it comes to food and booze, well, that’s some damn religion right there, just saying.