A Tired Dog Is a Happy Dog

dogrunner2Dogs need to run. It’s in their genes, and whether you have a Jack Russell terrier, a mastiff, or a little Chihuahua, expending that energy is an important aspect of healthy doggy lives. Unfortunately between school, work, travel, and all the burdens of being human, we don’t always have the time or energy to take little Spunky around the neighborhood. However, thanks to Megan Sweeney, the Corvallis Dog Runner, you can rest assured that your pet is getting both the exercise it needs and the loving care it deserves.

Since her time as a high school student, Sweeney has worked in vet clinics, animal boarding facilities, and pet grooming salons. Drawing upon 15 years of animal-loving hard work in the industry, Sweeney single-handedly opened Corvallis Dog Runner a little over a year ago. “Most other pet sitters aren’t insured, which is a big thing for me,” said Sweeney. “I like to keep everything legit.”

While Sweeney will happily take care of your goat, chicken, or even a mischievous iguana, running and long walks are her specialties. “Me and both my employees are very active so we can go on really long walks or runs,” said Sweeney. “I think a tired dog is a happy dog so I just want to wear them out.”

Don’t worry—Sweeney assures us that she won’t force your dog to run. Instead she caters the exercise routine to the animal and often does a run-walk interval so they can catch their breath.

“Dogs typically need between at least half an hour to an hour of exercise a day,” explained Sweeney. “Cats, too—cats actually need to be stimulated and be playing.”

Sweeney attests that stimulation not only helps your pet’s overall well-being, but can prevent behavioral issues as well.

“That’s when a lot of problems arise, coming from just not being entertained,” she noted.

Beyond exercise, Corvallis Dog Runner stands out for its use of technology. It’s one of the few—potentially only—pet businesses in town harnessing the convenient power of online booking. Registering your pet is a breeze.

If that’s not enough, Sweeney and her employees carry GPS trackers allowing you to see when, where, and for how long the Dog Runner crew exercised your fur baby. “Each session is recorded so you can see from three months ago how far we walked versus now,” explained Sweeney.

As Sweeney’s full-time job, not only does she have the time and availability to accommodate her growing list of new clients, she also has the flexibility to support a base of regulars.

“I have people that use me three to five times a week every week all year, so those are my main clients,” said Sweeney.

Sounds pretty neat, right? Just wait a couple years, because Corvallis Dog Runner is looking to open a cage-less boarding and doggie daycare once they find the perfect spot.

In the meantime, check out the Dog Runner website, give Sweeney a call, and get your doggy, cat, goat, or iguana some extra TLC. After all, tired pets are happy pets and happy pets make happy pet parents. Whether you are headed out of town, unable to run with your pooch, or just terribly busy, Corvallis Dog Runner has got your back… and your pet’s back, too.

Run, walk, stay, scoop—Corvallis Dog Runner does it all. Check ‘em out at www.corvallisdogrunner.com. Also, take a gander at cute animal pics on Instagram at www.instagram.com/corvallisdogrunner.

By Anthony Vitale