8 Days a Week Gets Reboot

8daysYgal Kaufman has taken his final curtain call as Corvallis Advocate Entertainment Editor. The central part of his work had been the paper’s 8 Days a Week section, ostensibly a pick of the most promising local entertainments. Occasional guest columnist, Tom Baker, will take the section over temporarily.

As it is effectively rebooted over the next few weeks, readers will find their new experience of 8 Days to still ring of a personal touch, but with more of an immersive focus on those it discusses than before. Privately, many in the arts community had become frustrated with 8 Days as a form unto itself rather than a truly useful tool for readers.

Now temporarily suspended, Kaufman’s other primary responsibility included the weekly column Entertainmental, which had been geared towards television and movies. Kaufman had served as the paper’s Associate Editor at one point, and has been critical of its financial reorganization over the last year.

It is possible the Entertainment Editor’s position will be publicly advertised in the future, though there have been ongoing discussions with a prospective permanent replacement.

By Steven J. Schultz