8 Days a Week…

patrickcollierThursday, September 15

Patrick Collier ‘Land Poem’ Exhibition Reception. Artworks (CEI) Gallery, 408 SW Monroe Ave./161. 4 – 8 p.m. Free.

If you’re a member of the arts community in Oregon, you’ve likely heard Patrick’s name as a contributor to the Oregon ArtsWatch (orartswatch.org). Beyond those contributions, he is a highly skilled photographer with a wonderful eye, whose work will be opening as a part of the September Corvallis Arts Walk at Artworks (CEI). Normally my first suggestion to someone wondering what to go see on the walk is “nearly everything,” and that stands true – but make sure this is your first stop.

Curtis Monette. Bombs Away Café, 2527 NW Monroe Ave. 8:30 p.m. Free.

There’s a reason Curtis Monette and Bombs Away rhyme, and it’s not just because of very convenient letter placement and pronunciation bylaws. Monette is a Bombs Away veteran of over ten years, making new fans on a monthly basis with an amalgam of multi-instrumentalism and vocal skill. The guy is literally a legend—and definitely not a bad start to a summer of music. Visit www.bombsawaycafe.com for details and updates.

Friday, September 16

Jesse Meade. Imagine Coffee, 5460 SW Philomath Ave. 7 – 9 p.m. Free.

I don’t know much about Jesse Meade, but what I do know, I like. A singer-songwriter from Eugene, he’s got a light touch and a great voice. Citing influences as wide as Patsy Cline, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Fats Domino, and Elizabeth Cotten, he manages an original voice even when covering classics. Singer-songwriter is a term that’s bandied about quite a bit, and certainly overused… but not here. Redefine the term for yourself! For more information, visit www.imaginecoffee.net.

Saturday, September 17

Deluxe Brewing Three Year Anniversary. Deluxe Brewing, 635 NE Water Ave., Albany. 3 – 8 p.m. Free.

For a while now I’ve been saying we’ve got the best breweries in the state right here in Linn and Benton counties. One of those, Deluxe Brewing Company, is throwing a party to celebrate their three-year anniversary. The shindig will include Deluxe’s full lineup of beers, some raffles, giveaways and a “homemade chili cook-off potluck.” Hot damn, am I right? And if you want in on the cook-off, you’re welcome to bring a pot of your finest. The judging is at 5 p.m., with awards given by popular choice. They also add that their tasting room is open for guests who happen to be 21 years or older. Even minors are welcome outside on the patio and in the brewery’s main area. For more info, email info@sinisterdeluxe.com.

The Carys. Bombs Away Café, 2527 NW Monroe Ave. 9:30 p.m. Cost: $3.

The Carys kick ass, end of story. Loved their self-description, which reads as “[We are] 5 people who met by destiny on a long and asinine journey through the school related system. We soon grew closer and all realized one thing… were all involved in musical things. Each of us, gifted with the ability to pick up an instrument… and make noises that appeal to the ears…though we are not famous, we strive for excellence on every quest we are given.” Pretty much right to the point, just like their tunes. For more rockin’ information, visit www.bombsawaycafe.com.

Sunday, September 18

Impulse: Last Weekend of Summer Party. 1425 NW Monroe Ave.

Oh noes everybody, it’s the last weekend of summer! If you’re like me and you actually like school, well, there’s something wrong with you. But if not, this Impulse event is not a terrible way to end your last few months of freedom. According to Impulse, this is the biggest party of the weekend, and that’s very likely the truth. Booze, surprises, and homies all sound pretty great! For more information, head on down there at the right time and swallow a few beers.

Pedalpalooza: A Pedal-Powered Party. 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. Riverfront Commemorative Park

Following the Pedalpalooze Storytime and Parade (just check out of Calendar!), this event will let you “ride a pedal-powered carousel, drink smoothies created by a pedal-powered blender, and see other amazing pedal-powered gizmos!” Music will be provided by Gumbo, and there will be dancing by Fiesta Mexicana. Did I also mention food, games, exhibits, bike parade and other stuff? No, well, I’ve mentioned it all now. A Car-Free Festival, Pedalpalooza is an advance celebration of the holiday.

Pedalpalooza and Car-Free Day are sponsored by the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition, the City of Corvallis, and many other local businesses and organizations.

Monday, September 19

West African Drum and Dance. 555 SW Adams Ave. 5:30 – 7 p.m. Cost: $15, $12 for students.

Why is this entry here? Because it sounds awesome – sometimes that’s just how it goes down. Djembe (the king of all drums, in my opinion) is taught so that it can be played with the dance class that follows (not required). Said dance class runs from 7:15 – 8:45pm. For info, call 541-232-5471. For fun and some great new skills, drop a few bucks!

Open Auditions for A Christmas Story. Majestic Theatre, 115 SW 2nd St. 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. Free. “Ohhhhh…. FUUUUUDGE!!!” Who doesn’t want to drop that line in front of a crowded house? Well, now is your chance! Jean Shepherd’s midwest memoir tails nine-year-old Ralphie in his quest to get his hands on a genuine Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas. According to the Majestic press release, “All the elements from the beloved motion picture are here, including the family’s temperamental exploding furnace; the boys’ experiment with a wet tongue on a cold lamppost; Ralphie’s father winning a lamp shaped like a woman’s leg in a net stocking; Ralphie’s fantasy scenarios and more.” Step in and lend a hand as one of hundreds of volunteers that will make the show happen. A large cast with parts for children (6+ y/o) and adults, show dates are December 2 through December 18. Rehearsals will be Sundays starting at 1 p.m. and Monday through Thursday starting at 6:30 p.m. beginning September 26. For more fudgin’ info, visit www.majestic.org.

Tuesday, September 20

Community Movie Night. Darkside Cinema, 215 SW 4th St. 7 p.m. Free.

Do you like movies? Are you a member of the community? Well hot damn, clear your Tuesday evenings! Every week classic, lost, and cult films are broadcast through the Darkside and onto a white screen for your enjoyment. Every film is preceded by time-relevant newsreels and cartoons, as well as a light buttering of facts by the host. Donations are graciously accepted and benefit the renovation of the Darkside Cinema, Corvallis’ only independent movie house. For info, visit www.cmnyk.wordpress.com or www.facebook.com/freemovienightcorvallis.

Celtic Jam. Imagine Coffee, 5460 SW Philomath Blvd. 7 p.m. Free.

It is Celtic, and it is a jam. Not the kind that goes on toast, or the kind that has you running through Larry Bird’s rather insane list of accomplishments… no, the kind you make when groovy folks get together and musicate until their fingers, toes, and ears bleed. Only not ears, because this is awesome. Maybe watch a historical drama set in England during the Viking age to get in the mood. To release the war cry for following information, just visit www.imaginecoffee.net.

Wednesday, September 21

Death Café Corvallis. Interzone Coffee, 1563 NW Monroe Ave. 6 p.m. Free.

In case you haven’t familiarized yourself yet, here are a few words from their official public statement: “Death Café Corvallis is simply in order to listen and talk about death. Death Café Corvallis is not a support group, therapeutic agenda, debate society, social action group, religious or anti-religious organization, political committee, or sales pitch. Our welcoming, friendly, and supportive café is open to everyone who participates in a welcoming, friendly, and supportive manner. Our guiding principles are respect, openness, and confidentiality.” If you have even the slightest curiosity, check it out. For info, visit www.facebook.com/groups/deathcafecorvallis.

Bitch School and Sumbitch. Bombs Away Café, 2527 NW Monroe Ave. 9:30 p.m. Cost: $3.

Bitch School, formed in 2010 = four chicks “maka’ with the Rocka’…. sounds like Motorhead plus the Runaways & Suzi Quatro.” Sumbitch, on the other hand, is “Dirty Outlaw Country Music.” Go ahead and tell yourself that this doesn’t sound like one hell of a show. For increasingly accurate information, visit www.bombsawaycafe.com.

Thursday, September 22

Car-Free Day in Corvallis. Various locations in the city. All day event. Free.

I never get to actively participate in a Car-Free Day because The Corvallis Advocate is incredibly effective at keeping me glued to my computer (help… me…). If you happen to have avoided newspaper employment and therefore see the light of day now and again, then you’re in luck! On Car-Free Day you can make the pledge to ditch the car – for fun, health and the environment. Stop by a Commuter Appreciation Site for free breakfast snacks, bike safety checks, and more on your way to work or school (7 – 9 a.m.). Take the pledge and find the site nearest you at www.sustainablecorvallis.org. For info, visit www.sustainablecorvallis.org.

Free Range Open Mic and Nectar Creek Tasting. Bombs Away Café, 2527 NW Monroe Ave. 6 p.m. Free.

Free Range Open Mic is simply one of the best, period. All about the spirit of fostering camaraderie in the Corvallis music scene, including the possibility of helping to create new bands, this rotating event moves between Bombs Away Cafe and Cloud & Kelly’s. The illustrious will be signing people up starting at 7:30 p.m. For info, visit www.bombsawaycafe.com. Tasting starts at 6 p.m. Open mic starts at 8:30 p.m.