8 Days a Week

imagine-coffeeThursday, September 8

Imagine Coffee Open Mic. Imagine Coffee, 5460 SW Philomath Blvd. 7 – 9 p.m. Free.

Do you have a thing you want to do on stage—a stage that comes with an audience that will likely not jump up and run away screaming? Show up at one of Corvallis’ friendliest open mics! Yeah, this one. Whether you’re a veteran or a jittery newcomer, you couldn’t ask for a better locale. For info, visit www.imaginecoffee.net.

Wild Hog in the Woods. Calapooia Brewing Company, 140 NE Hill St., Albany. 7:30 p.m. Free.
Wild Hog in the Wood sounds like a horror movie, but that’s probably just because boars were to my childhood what lobsters are to my nowhood. Just go with it, OK? What you have here is a bunch of growing local legends, rocking out in the style of your classic Southern string band. You show up, drink a bunch, stuff yourself and… enjoy. It’s fairly simple, so try not to mess it up. For information con carne, visit www.calapooiabrewing.com.

Friday, September 9

Chuva Boa. Imagine Coffee, 5460 SW Philomath Blvd. 7 – 9 p.m. Free.

Finally a press release for this trio! I caught them once almost on accident quite a while ago and was incredibly glad that I did. Three local musicians rocking Brazilian jazz standards like you wouldn’t believe – and not only that, they’re doing so in one of best “outside of downtown” venues, which has a great sounding room for this sort of thing. Music with both heart and flavor, homies! For more information, visit www.imaginecoffee.net.

MOsley WOtta + Lungs and Limbs + Survival Guide. Bombs Away Café, 2527 NW Monroe Ave. 9:30 p.m. Cost: $5.

Show of the month? Show of the year? That’s up to you. Chicago-born, Oregon-based artist MOsley Wotta is basically the best rapper out of bend. His works have been featured internationally “as a speaker, performer, poet, visual artist and educator for over a decade.” If you’re even remotely into hiphop: acquaint yourself. Not enough? Lungs and Limbs is a kickass alt pop band from San Francisco, with a sound populated with “thick, hip-hop-and-80’s-inspired beats, cowboy guitar licks and hook-laden vocals.” Oh that’s right, there’s ANOTHER band: Survival Guide features California vocalist / keyboardist Emily Whitehurst. I’d say that her work is a little bit indietronica, a little bit some other great stuff. Powerful vocals that always echo the lyrics of a true storyteller. For more information, visit www.bombsawaycafe.com.

Saturday, September 10

Animals of Grace. Troubadour Music, 125 SW Washington Ave. 7:30 p.m. Cost: $10.

A lot of music reviews try to toss a bunch of flattering language at you. Hell, sometimes I do that. But this time, let’s just try this: this band makes beautiful sound. The instrumentation feels like it’s everywhere, and the vocals just absolutely fill you up. There was a lot of good stuff in the press release, but mostly I just found myself enjoying it. I’ve never heard any folk like it, and it definitely tickles my Prog fancy for its adventurous, almost psychedelic songwriting. Impressive. For further info, visit www.animalsofgrace.com.

Roselit Bone + Young Moon. Bombs Away Café, 2527 NW Monroe Ave. 9:30 p.m. Cost: $5.

So many insane shows this week! Roselit Bone and Young Moon… another pair of “if you don’t know, you shoulds.” Roselit is a nine-piece act from PDX featuring pedal steel, trumpets, flute and accordion with absolutely gorgeous songwriting. There aren’t many bands out there that can reference a comparison to acts like the Gun Club and the Birthday Party, alongside elements of “Mexican ranchera, midcentury singing cowboys, and spaghetti western soundtracks.” Maybe this is the only one, actually. And Young Moon = a four piece “rock act” led by Trevor Montgomery that feels every bit as good as a modern Nick Cave, and pretty much jams the lower rhythm of their humanistic songwriting right up your ear – pleasantly. Check the following website for more information: www.bombsawaycafe.com.

Sunday, September 11

Slime Girls + Jr. Adelberg + Dr. Neon + Jupiter 10. Interzone Coffee, 1563 NW Monroe Ave. 7 – 10 p.m. Cost: $5 suggested donation for touring bands.

All ages show featuring what I’ve been promised as “loud internet pop and relaxing tropical beach vibes, West Coast emo, rock and punk” and even “ambient synth.” Also, featuring my tears, because I wish I had thought of “Slime Girls” as a band name. Damnit, seriously. Anyway, your price to band ratio is pretty high here, folks. For further info, visit www.facebook.com/events/944614685650577.

Monday, September 12

Majestic Theatre Monthly Forum. Majestic Theatre, 115 SW 2nd St. 5:30 – 7 p.m. Free.

There are many ways to get involved in the local entertainment scene, and this is a great one you may not know about. According to their press release: “In order to keep in constant contact with our user base, patrons, and members of the community with creative ideas, the Majestic Theatre maintains a monthly public forum. Theatre Supervisor Jimbo Ivy will lead the forum and mediate comments, questions and proposals from the community. Current Agenda for September Public Forum: 1) 15-16 Fiscal Year Report. 2) Discussion regarding potential stipend for orchestra musicians. 3) Discussion of the new Production Handbook. If you would like a topic to appear on the agenda for the forum, or to make a presentation or proposal, please contact Jimbo at jimbo@majestic.org. This forum is open to everyone.” For info, visit www.majestic.org.

Tuesday, September 13

Community Movie Night. Darkside Cinema, 215 SW 4th St. 7 p.m. Free.

Do you like movies? Are you a member of the community? Well hot damn, clear your Tuesday evenings! Every week classic, lost, and cult films are broadcast through the Darkside and onto a white screen for your enjoyment. Every film is preceded by time-relevant newsreels and cartoons, as well as a light buttering of facts by the host. Donations are graciously accepted and benefit the renovation of the Darkside Cinema, Corvallis’ only independent movie house. For info, visit www.cmnyk.wordpress.com or www.facebook.com/freemovienightcorvallis.

Celtic Jam. Imagine Coffee, 5460 SW Philomath Blvd. 7 p.m. Free.

It is Celtic, and it is a jam. Not the kind that goes on toast, or the kind that has you running through Larry Bird’s rather insane list of accomplishments… no, the kind you make when groovy folks get together and musicate until their fingers, toes, and ears bleed. Only not ears, because this is awesome. Maybe watch a historical drama set in England during the Viking age to get in the mood. To release the war cry for following information, just visit www.imaginecoffee.net.

Wednesday, September 14

Death Café Corvallis. Interzone Coffee, 1563 NW Monroe Ave. 12 p.m. Free.

In case you haven’t familiarized yourself yet, here are a few words from their official public statement: “Death Café Corvallis is simply in order to listen and talk about death. Death Café Corvallis is not a support group, therapeutic agenda, debate society, social action group, religious or anti-religious organization, political committee, or sales pitch. Our welcoming, friendly, and supportive café is open to everyone who participates in a welcoming, friendly, and supportive manner. Our guiding principles are respect, openness, and confidentiality.” If you have even the slightest curiosity, check it out. For info, visit www.facebook.com/groups/deathcafecorvallis.

Thursday, September 15

Patrick Collier ‘Land Poem’ Exhibition Reception. Artworks (CEI) Gallery, 408 SW Monroe Ave/161. 4 -8 p.m. Free.

If you’re a member of the arts community in Oregon, you’ve likely heard Patrick’s name as a contributor to the Oregon ArtsWatch (orartswatch.org). Beyond those contributions, he is a highly skill photographer with a wonderful eye, whose work will be opening as a part of the September Corvallis Arts Walk at Artworks (CEI). Normally my first suggestion to someone wondering what to go see on the walk is “nearly everything,” and that stands true – but make sure this is your first stop.

Curtis Monette. Bombs Away Café, 2527 NW Monroe Ave. 8:30 p.m. Free. For over 10 years, There’s a reason Curtis Monette and Bombs Away rhyme, and it’s not just because of very convenient letter placement and pronunciation bylaws. Monette is a Bombs Away veteran of over ten years, making new fans on a monthly basis with an amalgam of multi-instrumentalism and vocal skill. The guy is literally a legend—and definitely not a bad start to a summer of music. Visit www.bombsawaycafe.com for details and updates.