Granddaughter of Infamous Schonings to Protect Area Renters

home-rent-signAre the Schonings back? Well, sort of. It has been over 40 years since ongoing FBI investigations and decades of bad press forced Kip and Michelle Schoning out of Corvallis. Since then, there have been reports of them managing real estate alongside their two children in Mexico with stories emerging that are eerily similar to those from their tenants/victims here.

This week, someone bearing the infamous last name took over the job of Housing Specialist with City of Corvallis Housing and Neighborhood Services. Playa Schoning, our sources confirm, is indeed the grandchild of Kip and Michelle,

She will be deeply involved with the rental market in her new job, but instead of providing subpar living conditions and issuing evictions without any cause, the position calls for defending the rights of tenants against people like her grandparents. It seems, in this case, as though the apple has fallen quite far from the family tree.

When asked how her parents and grandparents felt about her new position, she declined to comment, but she did say that she hopes to atone for some of the ills that were inflicted upon the people of Corvallis by her grandfather, who will be celebrating his centennial birthday on April 8 of this year. It is unclear as to whether or not she is still in contact with anyone in her family.

By Hannah Darling